NoRegretsy's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my very own collection of No Regrettables!

Every once in a while an idea emerges which I normally would be forced to suppress out of respect for some people's sensibilities and out of fear of retaliation. However with this venue, under the cloak of anonymity, I can allow myself free reign to produce these whimsical oddities.

Some of them are quite serious. By posting them here on "NoRegretsy" I gain an automatic 'copyright' should some canny manufacturer decide that any one of these products of a personal brain spasm, has some potential for commercial gain. And hies himself posthaste to China to have them made in mass quantities and packaged neatly in cute little environmentally disastrous bubble packs.

Not a good idea, you potential plagiarizers! Beware. I am extremely protective of my insanity. I will fight you tooth and nail

However if you choose to give ME a bulk order, rest assured I will leap to the task with considerable enthusiasm. And give you a price break too!

Enjoy your meanderings through my cyber shop. Sorry there aren't any trial rooms. You'll have to rely on my photos. But Convo me if you have any questions.

Only don't ask me which ones are serious. I'm not telling ......

*** For those of you waiting with bated breath for my most recent brain spasms ... be informed as they arrive on the site by subscribing to my Shop Feed ....