normalmix's Shop Announcement

I am from the Deep Southern United States. I hope you will visit me often and encourage me as I get my shop up and running. Boy do I have a lot of work to do!

I offer vintage items from my private collection that I live with, that I love, and that I use. It is my belief that the objects we live with influence us just as the people in our lives do. These reflect who we are and who we become.

I will also offer objects that I have made using salvaged materials, found objects, or piles of junk that people give me. I have a hard time throwing things away.

I do not expect my shop to appeal to everyone. If you value friendship, if home is where your heart is, and if you believe that time is of the essence in all things, then you will probably find something of interest in my shop. At the very least it should be good for a laugh.

Welcome to Normal Mix-