NotAnApple's Shop Announcement

Beautiful hand-knits, hats, scarves, collars, and cowls, and more to come. Some of the hats, beanies, cloches, are warm for winter, some are light for summer, all of them look great on, whether you think you are a hat person or not!

I want to make you look as adorable as you are, and let you feel the hug in every hand knit accessory!

I am the knitter, industrious and nimble-fingered, who takes miles of yarn and transforms it into objects of warmth and comfort. I sit in the apple orchard knitting, knitting with lovely yarns, using my own patterns, Everything here is one of a kind, all of these cozy accessories are knit out of the most incredible yarns, some are soft as angel down, some are not, but all are described in full.

Why "Not An Apple"? In my family tree are many medical and scientific people, but I am not one; not an apple from that tree. I have warred with the apple side of my nature, and keep landing back on the artistic side of the fence.

Why "Not An Apple"? Apples are lovely and everywhere found. I hope to fill this shop, not only with the fruits of my hand-work, but also with exceptional art, ephemera, vintage items, and supplies.

Why "Not An Apple"? More than one meaning applies. One of my fondest memories is taking my daughter and her best friend to see the Magritte exhibit. We stood in front of his painting, "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" for a long time discussing its meaning. When we came home the girls got out their brushes and paints - and made pictures of things that were not. My favorite was of an apple. My daughter explained to me that it was a picture of an apple, "Not An Apple", without knowing that Magritte himself had painted, "Ceci n'est pas une pomme".

Comfort yourself with my "warmies", and my good wishes. Have an apple.