npglassworks' Shop Announcement

We create hand blown glassware from discarded beer, soda and liquor bottles. The process uses 100% of the bottle to create a unique one of a kind hand blown cup. Our glassware is dishwasher safe and works great frosted in the freezer. Each vessel holds as much or more than the original shape held. All of our products are recycled from discarded materials and we use all natural gas in the shaping process. This type of glass art offers bottling companies and breweries the opportunity to have an aftermarket product that is desirable to hip eco-consciousness consumers.

We start off by taking empty bottles and rinsing them out with water. Bottles with paper or plastic labels are cleaned further. Each bottle is placed into a kiln and heated to over a thousand degrees. A rod is then dipped into a pot of crushed recycled glass and a pad is formed on the end. The pad and rod are then touched to the bottom of the bottle and transferred to a working furnace. The top half of the bottle is heated until the glass begins to move. Using traditional glass blowing techniques the artist opens the narrow bottleneck into a cylinder. Once in it’s final shape the bottle is placed back into an annealing oven to cool slowly.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.