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Intersections, junk, erosion and the smart recycling of goods and ideas have held me in their thrall ever since I realized that the phrase "do over!" is not just for kids anymore ... things can always be improved and nothing that is useful should ever be wasted.

I have always embraced the wisdom of relativity as it relates to trash and treasure ... add to that the spirit of everyday alchemy, whereby “nothing” becomes “something” and here I am surrounded with the tinniest fraction of the random castoffs of the whole wide world keeping me company and keeping my hands from doing the devil's work ... unless, like my Grammy, you think that stuffing my pockets with stuff I find on the ground is itself a form of the devil's work!

Welcome to the evidence of my bad habits put to good use ... and thanks for looking at my obsessive urge to remake, reuse and revive the old so that it’s new again.

Keywords: ignoblesse oblige, sense memory, fictional history, now o'clock, empeiria, artifact, proof of life, meaningful evaluation, meaningless perambulation, morality prank, mandatory pratfalls, imperviousness, erosion, anti-invective, obsessive-compulsive empathy (OCE), promontory views, course correction, dawdling, generous intention, comedic goals, objective solipsism, haiku emissions, six word memoirs.