oceansbounty's Shop Announcement

The allure of sea glass lies not only in its shimmering beauty, but also in the mystery of its origin and its journey to the shore. Prices reflect the relative rarity of the sea glass used, both with respect to color and condition.

While the vast majority of the sea glass I use in my jewelry and home decor is authentic, surf-tumbed and unaltered, some of my items also include authentic sea glass in rare colors that has been enhanced by further tumbling with sand and pebbles from my favorite beach, or faux sea glass, i.e, artificially tumbled glass in rare colors and shapes. However, I will always alert the potential buyer if glass that is altered or artificially tumbled in any way is included in the item.

This is an eco-friendly and budget conscious shop! Whenever possible, I use recycled materials for my sea glass jewelry and decor items. Moreover, in order to keep my prices low, I use recycled packing materials whenever possible, and do not provide gift boxes, cards, or paper invoices, unless these are specifically requested. The earth wins, you win, and I win! :-)

My jewelry items always ship free.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.