oddstitch's Shop Announcement

String + Effort + Craftiness + Artistry = fun stuff to wear

FREE SHIPPING! Enjoy the magic of mail, hand embroidered goodness, right to your very door . . . for FREE! YES - F R E E S H I P P I N G within the U.S.!

I am proud of my technique. Each stitch is an expression of the overall design - every one in its own place and in its own time. They are irregular, haphazard - happy and wild. Layer by layer, short ones, long ones, an image arrives as colors come together.

It's fun. It's also mildly addictive.

I designed and made all the items on this page, be assured they are all original. Each one takes me several hours of careful and finicky stitching, bouts of muttering, and being occasionally stabbed by needles.

These fussy hours of meticulous needlework produce these little,
peculiar pieces of art jewelry. Every stitch matters. Everything I make I love; to me they are like little jewels.
I've got an itchin' for the stitchin'! And so will you!