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Hi everyone! As you may or may not know, Offensive Decals was one of our first shops when we started making wall decals. We have since built a pretty big name for ourselves when we began marketing our products under our other name, Dali Decals. We have become one of the largest wall decal providers on the internet, and we owe it all to Etsy! You can find us at our other shop, or you can search for Dali Decals with your favorite search engine, as well. You can also email us at Sales [!at]

Thanks so much for your support!

-Dave and Alicia and the rest of the Dali Decals team.

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offensivedecals' Shop Announcement

Our decals are offensive and intended only for immature individuals.

Yes...Offensive Decals. No trees. No birds. No polka dots. No swirls. Our goal is to create different decals. Not necessarily offensive to everyone, but far enough out there that somebody will be distraught over it. If someone calls our decals "pretty", or "cute", we will take offense!

If you don't find something offensive enough, send us an offensive convo, or an offensive email. I'm sure we can come up with something offensive enough for you.

One more thing...just cause we're offensive, doesn't mean we don't care about our customers! We make every effort to get back with our customers as soon as possible, doesn't matter what time it is. If we're awake and able, we respond. We also get all of our orders shipped in three business days or less after receiving payment.

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*Email us with any questions or requests through Etsy or at offensivedecals [!at]