$1 from every item is donated to Kansas Children's Service League's child abuse prevention efforts.
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Oh la Vache is just me. From just a couple of birdhouse toys and bibs when it first opened to whatever I can think to make and post these days, Etsy has been a great creative outlet (though perhaps responsible for too many late nights). Getting to create things, support local charities, recycle... it's been super fun and I'm very proud of my creations. I hope you love them too! So thankful for all of the customers and the amazing feedback.

Additionally, I made a personal comitment to donate $1 from every item sold to Kansas Children's Service League to help support their great programs. Find out more about this organization at

Oh, the name? "Oh la vache" is a french expression - it ryhmes with "oh my gosh" and has essentially the same meaning, but literally translates to "oh the cow"... thus the logo. :) I thought it was kind of fun. C'est cool, non?

Well, thanks for checking out my shop. Merci beaucoup et bonne journee!

Tiffany Arnold
I am a busy working mom, but I love to craft and sew in my free time (you know, that time between bedtime and 3:30am). I love working with upcycled, repurposed materials.