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Welcome to Oh Sew Tennessee. Presently, you'll find mostly vintage and new sewing patterns. However, I am going to be trying some new,.and completely different, products. Let me back up a little. One of my other passions is growing flowers. Right now Amaryllis are receiving much of my attention. I have somewhere between 200-300 of them, many of which I have grown from seed. With Fall approaching I am going to bring them into the house and it will get pretty crowded in here. I'm used to it though; it's an annual process for me.

Amaryllis bloom every year and can last up to 50 years. Some make babies and they tend to fill up the pot. Some of them are happy being the only "person in their house." I have one huge bulb (I call her Big Red) that is just now making another baby after about 10 years. But I have pollinated her and have lots of babies I have grown from seed.

I'll be selling bloom ready bulbs. All you will need to do is put them in a 5" pot, preferably add Miracle Go, and water weekly. Pretty soon, your new baby will reward you with a stalk of from 3-6 fabulous blooms.

I'll even sell some seed! I'll give you complete instructions for very easily growing them, and you will become as attached to them as I have become to many of my "children."


And as of late, you're also likely to find some pretty unique handmade items here, as most everything I make starts as a vision and, sometimes, they actually turn out as I had imagined. If not, I work with it until I like the results. My mother, a Singer Sewing Machine Company teacher in Birmingham, Alabama started me on the machine at eight years old. She often made up her own patterns to copy couturier designs she saw and liked. She was quite the little fashionista when that term didn't even exist! I totally agree with Abraham Lincoln's statement, "Everything I am or ever hope to be I owe to my mother."


I take Pay Pal and will entertain requests to pay with other methods of payment such as money orders. Please convo me with your ideas.

If you find that you must return an item, you will be responsible for return postage. I ship via U.S. Mail, first class. ALSO, PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to verify your address through Paypal, as this is the address I will use to ship your order!!! I will not be responsible for shipments sent to the wrong address, and must wait for your shipment to be returned as "undeliverable" before reshipping it. You will be responsible for any additional shipping charges.

Thanks for stopping by and perusing through this and our other shops.