oishiiknits' Shop Announcement

We are looking for babies to spoil...

1. Our knits are all-natural: We use only high-quality natural fiber yarns in each of our knits. Our knits are incredibly soft and 100% compostable ensuring that parents won't need to wonder how safe your gift is for their new baby.

2. Our knits are built to last: Oishii knits are as brawny as they are beautiful. All our items have been road tested on real babies and kids and put through the rigors of day-to-day life. Most items are machine washable and all stand up beautifully to daily use.

3. Our knits are all one-of-a-kind: When a new baby comes into the world, you want to give a gift worthy of such an amazing event. But honestly, the rigors of modern life make it difficult for you to create - or even find - an original gift that really expresses how you feel. At Oishii, we design and knit each piece to be that "perfect gift" you have been looking for!

"The blanket is just lovely -- gorgeous colors, beautiful technique, and every bit as soft as I'd hoped for. Thanks, Erika! Now Ava's grandma is off the hook for knitting her a new blanket."
Lauren K., California

Visit our website for stockists and upcoming events: www.oishiihandmade.com

P.S. "Oishii" is Japanese for "delicious"!