The selected shop of vintage pieces of time

The shop started on request form some people I know who wanted to sell precious old items to people who appreciate real vintage.
I posed well one important condition: I was only going to sell good and clean vintage, not garbage, because I wanted only satisfied customers.
Everyone that buy on the internet has above all the right to receive any explanation about what he/she is going to purchase and the description of the items must correspond to the real conditions of the item self.
Alas, not everyone who sells vintage her or on other sites does it to give pleasure to the buyer, most of them think only about earning money and sold is sold.
I have had a lot of bad experiences as buyer purchasing vintage items described as excellent but in the reality was just trash and also very expensive.
I have not sold a lot but till now not one of my buyers had any complain about the purchase. My feedback says more than what I can tell myself.
I don't mind selling one item a year or a week, I don't do any profit with this activity, I only help other people to have it, I only want to have fun.
I am an active buyer and met a lot of very good sellers and crafters, I like to buy for myself and for friends when is time to celebrate a birthday or Xmas.
Stay tuned because I'm organizing new items to put in new listings soon!
Rosario Di Rubbo
owner, curator, Shop owner, curator.
I'm a 44 years old, I have health issues since 21 years.
I love vintage, photography, body language, music, writing songs and poems, communication, drawing, even if I can't do a lot due to my physical limitations.