oldtinstuff's Shop Announcement

I'm sure you will find these TINS (made from old tin ceilings) DIFFERENT than what you will find any place else! You might notice I've added some New Sections to my Old Tin Site...."some of my DRAWINGS / PAINTINGS and Wood Sculpture and the Latest (Colorful Hot Pads) I make from New T-shirts." I'm still old tin stuff but I'm Filling in until I find more Old Tin Ceilings to use.......THEY ARE OLD,SCRATCHED,DENTED,A BIT RUSTY and in most cases I have no idea what building or buildings they were removed from.....altho sometimes I know the City or Town or State they came from. For the most part all the old lead paint has been removed.... All the items you find on this site are OLD ["but New./ old." ]......( YOU ARE NOT GOING TO FIND JUST THE SAME OLD THING) ...If your're looking for a really different (GIFT) "SOMETHING THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS...(you came to the right place) ...... All items are Made inUSA .,,,Old Tin Stuff has for years only sold in Craft Shows. Our old tin planters and other tin holders as they were stacked and displayed on the tables were a great way for our buyers to sort thru them and pick out something that fit their need or want. It was a wonderful way in a mass display of our items. That method worked very well and now we can see if the Etsy way will work as well.....So my advice is to look and imagine how a "plant holder" or other holder will fit what your looking for....Maybe a "tissue holder." Take your time, the're really "different."

Each one of my old ceiling tin holders are different and no two are the same, therefore what you see on Etsy are the only one's I list and you see in this grouping.

I also sell at the Warrensburg Art and Craft Show in the ADIRONDACK MOUNTAINS of UpState NY in (July) and again with a different grouping of old tin planters/holders