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Hello folks, my name is Ron Snider; friends call me the Ole Woodcrafter.
My wife and I spend our days playing with our grandchildren and making our own brand of pet items and other such items as wooden Trashcans with personalized lids, personalized wood signs that are uniquely made, and other items.
Folks, I have been wood crafting for well over 40 years. My wife, who is also my best friend and high school sweet heart, has be putting up with me and still stands beside me to help produce these wonderful hand crafted items.
In years passed, we sold our items to folks here in the mountains of Virginia at craft festivals and craft fairs down the road in the Great Smoky Mountains.
As of 1999, we have been selling our items worldwide on major auction sites and our website http://www.olewoodcrafter.com/
My interest of course is woodworking and writing. We are now both retired, if there is such a thing... and still crafting from dawn to dark.
Folks, working with wood is in my blood and I mean that literally. My grandfathers on both sides of the family tree were carpenters, and one great grandfather ran his own sawmill.
And now I am really proud to say, our products are not made in another country, they are not bought out of a wholesale magazine, Or come from a drop shipping company where the price is raised and then sold.
We are truly an American made mom and pop shop that enjoys in doing what they do.
God bless and have a very good day
Rev. Ron Snider the Ole Woodcrafter
Ole Woodcrafter™ is now a trademarked name.
Ole Woodcrafter American Made Virginia crafted

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