OnceUponATimeDesign's Shop Announcement

I'll be making a few fairy doors for the holiday season so keep checking back for updates.



I fell in love with the enchanting work of illustrator and "fairyologist" Jonathan Wright. It seems tiny, urban fairy doors have popped up all over Ann Arbor, including a few in Jonathan's home, and he has been researching them and writing about them. You can read about them and find his book on his site urban-fairies.com.

I did not create those doors, but I really wanted one to welcome fairies to my home. Jonathan doesn't sell the doors, he says they just appeared overnight so I decided to create my own hand-painted fairy doors, and I made a few extra to share with you. Each fairy door is unique, I will not be repeating exact copies of any of the designs.

I hope that they add a little extra magic to your home!