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A love for nature permeates across jewellery designs

I am Anna Anagno and I design and make jewellery that reflects the connection between us and the natural world.

I am an environmental scientist by education but found a new passion in creating beautiful, simplistic jewellery that is designed for authentic women who embrace their happy, natural selves. At the end of 2014 (after 10 years working in the field of environmental health legislation) I quit my day job to work full-time on my business designing and making jewellery.

My background in environmental studies has heavily influenced many aspects of my business. My designs are organic, inspired by the world around us and are laser cut from quality Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified bamboo. Certification from the FSC ensures that the wood is sourced from areas that are environmentally appropriate and socially beneficial to the communities that live within them. After the designs are laser cut, each and every jewellery piece is assembled by me, in my little studio in Perth, Australia. I share my studio space with a snoring 12 year old cat.

To me, selling jewellery on Etsy isn't just about the 'selling'. It's about inspiring followers to be their most authentic selves, their natural selves, where they are content and happy. And a job that allows me to give that joy to others, makes me happy too.
Anna Anagno
owner, maker, designer
Anna is the powerhouse behind the One Happy Leaf store. Master of multi-tasking and list finisher extraordinaire! Between designing, making and packing her time is spent with a tea in hand while planning the next challenge.
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  • A fantastic laser cutting service New Zealand This partner of One Happy Leaf slices and dices the bamboo wood to cut my jewellery designs!

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