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Jewellery and Accessories for the Young at Heart

I am inspired by things with a story, I'm inspired by words, quotes, lyrics, photography, traveling. Walking my dog. Looking out of my attic window at the rooftops. Anything and everything. I almost try to re-create a memory into a product, so every item you buy is like a little piece of my heart.

onetenzeroseven fell together naturally over the past eighteen months. It is literally a story or curiosity and determination, always wondering what I can poke my crafty fingers into next ;)

I have a background in art & design, studying the creative subjects at A-level and attending art college, but when I ran into troubles with universities and constantly had itchy feet in any and every job I decided to carve out my own path and just do what I love.

I want to create an atmosphere where people feel like they can pop in for a cup of tea, learn from doing and feel inspired to just be themselves.

I'll put the kettle on :)
owner, maker, designer, Everythinger ;)
Yorkshire born, I wear my heart on my sleeve. You should know, I'm crazy about dogs.. and tea!

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