Onourway's Shop Announcement

*Welcome! Thank you for stopping by ON OUR WAY!!!!

I have been given the most amazing opportunity by a wonderful interior designer Regina Nelsen. She is generously donating her discountinued fabric samples to use in my sewing creations. Most of these fabrics are imported from around the world and are truly beautiful.
Thank you Regina!!*********************************************************************************
I have found a wonderful Etsy shop called Charlie's Aunt. This shop features amazing vintage inspired handbag patterns. These patterns are created by Emma Brennan. While I use some of my own handbag patterns, I am so inspired by Emma's patterns and details I will be using some of her patterns . Please check out Charlie's Aunt [!at] etsy.com for her amazing work!!****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
My name is Doretta, and I started "ON OUR WAY" as a hobby that quickly grew-and began to mean much more to me and my family.
"ON OUR WAY" became our catchphrase for our trip to Ethiopia- where my husband and I have adopted three beautiful children. My hobbies and crafts quickly became something to help fund our trip.
One of the things I learned on our trip to Ethiopia was the strength, intellect, and tenacity of the people. They simply do not view things as a lot of us tend to. I know I have been guilty of thinking some things were simply "throw-away" items. This is not true in a country where poverty, hunger, and need are a constant. Nothing is wasted. Everything has a use, and a place.
This impacted me greatly-and my love of crafting items quickly shifted from new fabrics, yarns, and store bought materials. I began to think: "What can I do with what we have?"
What followed is my current passion:
RECYCLING!! Old coats become beautiful handbags. Belts become straps, old pillow cases become linings- the list is endless! Part of my passion and love of handcrafting these bags is knowing there is a story behind each of the coats I turn into a new(hopefully loved!) handbag.
Each is unique-and handcrafted by me: A working mother of five who loves what she does. No two "ON OUR WAY" handbags are the same simply- because it would be impossible. That is the beauty of handcrafting.
So please, take a look at our little shop and thank you for stopping by. If something catches your eye- I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.*********************

**************************************************************** MEG'S CABIN in Nisswa MN. ON OUR WAY handbags can be found in this great new shop!!!

our upcycled bags can be found at**** Among The Pines,Baxter, MN, Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply Grand Marais, MN