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Wild Elderflower and Organic Lemons
Opas Organic Ginger Spice Tea
Swedish Bitter
Nettle from our garden

Natural has never been more natural

Our shop started back in 2007. We didn't know it would take off so quickly. Our customers would ask us for more products and we were absolutely in chaos back then and a few years to follow.

We first began with making soap because soap gave us an experience that no one else could give us.

I know, sounds strange, but how many of us take soap for granted? We get up in the morning, jump in the shower, use our soap, and then we are off with our day. When Thomas and I lost Thomas's grandfather, Johann, soap was the only thing there in Hawaii to help us grieve.

This sad experience created something beautiful. It created Opas Soap.

From there we branched out, just as a tree branches out when it grows. I'll never take a bar of soap for granted again. :)

As our philosophy grew, we knew we wanted to be as eco-friendly as possible. This meant: using recycled paper and printing with soy ink as well as carefully thinking out all the small details of packaging. We have enough landfills, we don't want to contribute to them.

Some teas we carry are grown for us and traditionally harvested by the moon. Because the U.S. has a lot of GMO contamination we are very careful where we buy our herbs. In fact, we have chosen a little village in Austria where we spend part of our time looking after my mother-in-law, to have our teas grown. Austria has very strict regulations and Organic food makes up most of the food in circulation.

Living in-between two worlds

Living in both the new world (USA) and the old world (Europe) has given us the opportunity to learn about the cultures and their relationship with plants. It has given us the knowledge of both european and american indian alternative therapies. With this knowledge can we then give our customers the best of both worlds. We can surely say we are offering such purity and a blend of what USA and Europe has to offer. Our line is clean and we are proud to manufacture in the USA.

You are the change

You, as the individual, are the only person who can make any changes. You support what you would like your children to see and their generations to see. We are taking responsibility and creating only beautiful products which are safe for us and our planet and I thank all for stopping by to read our story. We hope we can somehow make a difference, even if its just a small percentage.

Happy Health my friends! =)
owner, maker, designer
I heart making natural products! =) Experimenting with over 1,000 natural ingredients has taught me a lot. I learn something new every day about our skin, hair, and body and what it requires to be in the healthiest shape ever.

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