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handcrafted drop by drop aromatherapy for the everyday

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Note from shop owner Sorry for the inconvenience. At Magnolia Summerfest in Seattle on 3rd and 4th August and away til 20th August.

For any questions please message via Facebook @origania or Instagram @origania_aromatherapy

Note from shop owner

Last updated on Aug 3, 2019

Sorry for the inconvenience. At Magnolia Summerfest in Seattle on 3rd and 4th August and away til 20th August.

For any questions please message via Facebook @origania or Instagram @origania_aromatherapy

Yvonne Chia

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Yvonne Chia


No more than 7

Secret of ingredients …

There are a lot of products made for wellness, beauty and aromatherapy that may need detailed scrutiny on their ingredient list. If you look just at perfumes alone that are out in the current market, most of the perfumes do not have an ingredient list of what is inside of each bottle. One perfumer would boast that their perfume is a work of art with a combination of 80 ingredients but yet they do not list what the ingredients that would trigger an allergic reaction. It is a fallacy of good manufacturing practice.

No more than 7 …

I am sticking with one rule “no more than 7”, less is more for my ingredient list. I am very much aligned with ingredient transparency when it comes to relationships between me the creator and you the consumer. If you don’t like my products after you use it, I like to know why and that is it, no hard feelings. If you want to know what ingredients I use for my hand-blended products, I list them in detail on each product page. If you have questions, I answer them to the best of my abilities or direct you to the right person. I have started this company on the purpose to educate people around me, my families, my friends and larger communities which is first and foremost on ingredients such as essential oils and carrier oils and how to use them safely.

Trust and integrity in chain of custody …

I choose my suppliers based on trust and on integrity that they provide the best raw materials for my hand-blended products and that would translate to a pleasant experience for all my customers. I learn my craft from the best mentors: Robert Tisserand, Dr. Robert Pappas, Gabriel Mojay, Dr. Jessie Hawkins, Jimm Harrison, Jade Shutes, Madeleine Kerkhof and Tim Miller. And also artisans from the trade industries of wellness, beauty and aromatherapy whom I have learn so much from with Indie Business Network group created by Donna Maria. Love you all.

I am currently diving into achieving my level 1 certification in aromatherapy with Jade Shutes. That is after many thoughts, with my family’s blessing and also timing.

At the end of the day, I want to provide you with the best experience and not to be afraid to smell and to kiss your skin with natural hand-blended products. The best customers are the educated customers that cannot be duped or bullshit. Cause I know I am that kind of customers so I treat you with the same respect and integrity. Ask any questions, look up my mentors, please ask them questions, too.

Sincerely Yours,
Yvonne Chia
botanical alchemist ... with essential oils and with living food

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Frequently asked questions
Does Frankincense essential oil contains Boswellic Acid?

This question was debunked many times. The answer is NO. Frankincense essential oil DOESN'T have Boswellic Acid because the molecule is too heavy to be distilled from steam distillation.
Here is a link from Robert Tisserand in detail if you like to read on further:

Is it safe to ingest essential oils?

It depends. For any ingesting of essential oils that would fall under aromatic medicine usage. Any prescribed medicine should have an application, dosage and duration. General practitioner of medicine would understand this but it is under a guidance of a clinical aromatherapist that is trained in aromatic medicine that you would ask for safety advice.

I personally do not ingest essential oils cause there is no need to, diffusing essential oils and applying diluted essential oils topically would be suffice in general. The main goal is to have a balance. Drinking right, eating right and exercise such as brisk walking 30 minutes a day would help general wellness. Aromatherapy should be used as a complementary therapy for a holistic balance.

Where do I get my essential oils?

I get them from reputable distributors or distillers themselves.

I used to import carrier oils and essential oils when I was doing tradeshows in Hong Kong. I no longer import but I may go back if people are looking for specifics. But my focus is creating my own aromatherapy products and essential oil safety education.

If you like to purchase any single essential oils, my favorite distributor/aromatherapist is Marge Clark. She is a person with integrity and she has been in this industry for a very long time. Her collection of Sandalwoods from Tamil are amazing if you are a Sandalwood lover you do not want to miss.

Is there such a thing as “therapeutic grade” essential oils?

No! Any essential oils that are truly steamed, hydro or cold pressed distilled are therapeutic. It is either all are therapeutic or none are. There are no official governing body that tells you if an essential oil is good or bad. There is a standard under ISO that tells you the parameter of specific compound in an essential oil.

To read further, this was written by Jade Shutes, my teacher: