oscarandsophia's Shop Announcement

26-NOV-12: SO EXCITED ABOUT MY SPINARTISTE INTERVIEW!!!! I'm truly humbled by the praise of my contemporaries, some amazingly talented talent saying some lovely things! i'm so appreciative, really! So, i'm going to list some more batts and some yarns tonight, in honour of cyber monday, be sure to check out the spin artiste interview for a giveaway for a custom batt from yours truly, AND 20 percent off in the shop! Much love to you all, happy spinning!


02-OCT-12: okay, life is insane, just finished teaching a drop spindling workshop, and got myself moved into a new place, AND got a new camera, and gonna set up the new picture taking studio, so we should have rather regular updates, coming up very soon...for real, i mean it!!!!!

hey everyone! so, i've been hard at work preparing for the annual festival on Boeger Winery in Placerville, CA....YARNIVAL!!!! i'm to be a vendor there, and it's just a dream come true, so many of my heroes will be there, i'll even be bunking with some of them in a house we rented!!! i hope to be back up and running on here soon

***********************************************************************************************Shop UPDATE is soon to be here folks! I've been working hard building a MASSIVE supply of art batts for my first fibre festival, once it's done, i'll be listing what's left and then some, so keep your eyes here, for a big ole update, coming soon!

Hello All! Welcome to Oscar & Sophia Handmade Wearables...I specialize in SOFT SOFT SOFT, and luxurious wearables, spinnables, and feltables. I believe in colour and i believe in making everything as soft and scrumptious as possible. I get most of my wool and fibres fresh off the animal from many different sources all over the world, though i try to buy local as much as possible. I then hand wash, clean and pick the fibre myself, then i go CRAZY with colour, the dyeing process is possibly my favourite part of the process and i almost anguish over colour choices, trying to stay somewhat current, totally unique and above all, beautiful.

If there's something in my shop you'd like, but in a different colour, or texture, don't hesitate to ask.