outlawbunny's Shop Announcement

Oh, past vagabond shaman days, wandering with a tinker's wagon! But I still travel between the worlds, my wheelchair has wings and so do I.

Shut-in? Naw! Astrally-traveling shamanic guide and artisan. Mornings, I wash my face in an imagined river, make breakfast on a campfire in whatever mystic grove I reached the previous night, then offer guidance and magical wares.

When weather gets cold, I retreat to Santa's warm, cozy workshop, his loyal elf making Yule goodies.


Imagine how Faeries adorn themselves and their tree houses. Here be elvin décor for your enchanted cottage and secret retreat. Wearable talismanic art. Fantasies. Indie Culture.

TRULY one of a kind, visually and magically, honoring your spiritual journey. Each item is sacred to me. No factory or mindless imitations. I bless each item.

See my buyer feedback. Eg, "I immediately meditated while wearing it and went far deeper than I ever had. De Grandis is a very talented woman, teacher and craftswoman. You will not be disappointed in anything that you purchase!” My talismanic art can be deceptively simple, my buyers recognize subtle power.

If an item calls, grab it. Am constitutionally incapable of repeating my designs. I want to make something just right for a unique buyer.

Eg, Every nature spirit I paint - - such as a green man or water sprite - - is a unique being who drops in unexpected to “sit for me,” wanting a portrait = my original design painted freehand, one-of-a-kind, initialed and dated by artist.


All sales final. This exquisite one-of-a-kind décor and wearable art, while made to last, can be fragile. Irregularities in fabric art (e.g. minor paint splatter) are not defects but part of hand-crafting.

I ship USPS to U.S. addresses only. I take extraordinary care shipping: I make these items with love, and send them to you as acts of love.


Busy busy, dusk til dawn,
Crafting beauty with a song.
Jokes and joy, I work away,
Elvin lessons, elvin play.

All product designs, photos, and site text are copyright Francesca De Grandis 2009 - - 2016


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