outwardbound's Shop Announcement

There ARE many recycled notebooks, but THESE really are the best! ECO FRIENDLY, immaculately and made with care! IMPORTANT: Postal rates have increased but we've decided to cover them for you. We hope you will continue to enjoy our superior quality eco friendly notebooks for a long time! To continue to serve you in our most awesome way, we even lowered our notebook prices to our original rates.
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NOTE: Due to low availability across the webs, until further notice, we will no have black binding rings. All notebooks will have steel unless specified in the listing to be white because it looks nice with the cover, or if you just request white. The silver (steel) looks great with everything though and I know you'll love it!

Quality responsibly handmade notebooks from recycled DVD covers filled with recycled paper and recycled backs, shipped in recycled packaging! Your favorite movie or TV show, many one-of-a-kind! Eco-friendly and fun!

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WE ONLY RECYCLE, WE NEVER REPRODUCE ANY IMAGE, We only make stuff out of recycled items (many one of a kind) that we found and purchased. We are DIYers!

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Justice Stevens, delivering an opinion for a unanimous Supreme Court in the case QUALITY KING DISTRIBUTORS, INC. v. L'ANZA RESEARCH INT'L, INC. (96-1470), 98 F.3d 1109, reversed.

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