Ovejita Be! Handmade Little Things

Little sheeps in progress
Tea time at our workshop!
We love tale characters
New line of felt and brass jewellery
Miguel with the huggable white sheep.

Ovejita Be! wants you to feel like a child again!

We meet us ten years ago. Sometimes we thought about our childhood and how it would be if we had met each other as kids and had play together. So, we started playing with soft toys and plushies, and drawing sheeps and other cute things everywhere.

In spring 2010, we had some felt fabrics at home and lots of free time. Thus, we started a blog and we named it "Ovejita Be!" (“Little Sheep Bah!” in English). And that's how our little brand was born.

When we design a new creation, we try to use our imagination as a child will do. We think on how we saw things when we were little and plenty of dreams.

In our little shop you can find plushies, brooches, little bags and purses, and knitting accessories too. All our creations are for children of all ages (from 0 to infinity!).

We are 30, and we live in a small city near Barcelona (Spain). We are a happy couple; an Art Restorer and a Telecommunications Engineer with lots of creativity and sheeps in our heads.
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I like sewing and making things with my hands since I can remember. When I was a child, I want to be an inventor.I try to bring colour to anyone in this grey world. I'm still a child, I love daydreaming and playing :)
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