Wholesale Bubble Mailers Poly Mailers For Your Business

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Wholesale Bubble Mailers Poly Mailers For Your Business

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Your Most Reliable Packaging Partner

Padded Envelopes sell and distributes various kinds of packaging materials, such as: wholesale bubble mailers, poly mailers, waybills, paper envelopes, security envelopes, board envelopes, zip lock bags, bubble wrap, polyethylene foam film and adhesive tape with logo.

Your Most Reliable Packaging Partner

Packaging is very important nowadays. We experience our initial contact with a product's packaging and enrich our desire to open it when seeing it packaged well. It results with a customer experience that is branded, unique and completely new.

That is why providing top-quality and discounted packing and shipping supplies is our main mission at Padded Envelopes - and you satisfaction our main priority. Our team will make sure you get any size, number and type of packaging supplies for your needs.

But why are our packaging products so unique?

- First of all, they are coming at a less than wholesale price, which makes them cost effective for you to use for whatever you are selling and overcome the expectations of your shoppers.

- Second of all, they are made of top quality. And as you may know, quality is very important when it comes to packaging and is the main thing that ensures proper handling and damage-free products.

- Third of all, they are based on your needs. At Padded Envelopes we work with custom offers which makes dealing with us extremely easy. Just give us the number(s) and type(s) of packaging materials you need and wait for us to do our magic and send them to you.

- But most of all, we envision the Etsy marketplace as a real opportunity for every business to open its eyes to high-quality branding, and build trust at their customers with our state-of-art packaging technology.

The Real Importance Of Packaging In Marketing

If you see packaging as just another phase of your delivery process, it's time to change your mind.

Packaging is important now probably more than ever before. Just like Apple has the best artisan iPhone and iPad cases, your brand has an equal chance of winning the marketplace with innovative packaging. On the opposite, poor packaging can have an even more dramatic effect, resulting in more returns, lack of satisfaction and ultimately, low number of orders.

Take yourself for an example. When you order any goods online (especially ones that are fragile), do you want them to be packaged well? If they are, would you order again? If they aren't, would you ever think of ordering again?

Your answers to these questions are exactly our main point at Padded Envelopes.

No More Struggles - 6 Tips To Get Rid Of The Confusion When Ordering Packaging

Confused about your first time ordering packaging? Not sure you'll make it right? Don't worry, our checklist has got you covered.

1. Size - Give Your Products Enough Room - Allow your products to fit in well but also have extra room for any promotional collateral, packaging padding etc.

2. Quantity - Never Run Out Of It - Running out of packaging should never even come to your mind - which is why getting equipped with a healthy supply of paper envelopes, bubble wraps, poly mailers and other products is essential.

3. Stock + Unique Branding = Packaging Success - With our bubble mailers and mailers plus your adhesive logo printed out - you can have a real recipe for success.

4. Cost Effectiveness - Did you know that bubble mailers are almost always cheaper to ship than boxes? Yup, our packaging is affordable and cost-effective.

5. Time Management - Packaging requires certain time to be done right - you should look at it as a part of the product experience.

6. Cherry To The Cake - Yes, your packaging is the end phase of preparing your products - so, are you ready to make the most of it?

3 Tips For Mastering Branded Packaging With Padded Envelopes

If you want to be recognizable and drive a certain brand power among your customer base, it's time to change your game plan - and enroll in a new way of packaging your products.

1. KNOW YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC - Your demographic can tell a lot about how you should package your products and whether the gold envelopes are the best way to sell your brand.

2. GO FOR THE RIGHT TYPE OF PACKAGING - Bubble wrap and an envelope - or a bubble mailer? Paper envelope or a board envelop? Or maybe a zip lock bag? Your products deserve the right fit of packaging, and at Padded Envelopes, we got you covered.

3. MAKE IT A PART OF THE EXPERIENCE - All those unboxing videos really show us that it is fun to unbox a new product - but why? The answer is simple - because it reflects a user-friendly experience of the product inside. And that's the main reason you should market your products with innovative packaging.

Padded Envelopes is your one-stop shop for the best bubble mailers, paper envelopes, poly mailers and adhesive packaging solutions. Whatever you sell - we can pack it!

Drop Us A Line Or Order Directly - It's Up To You!

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