unique jewelery, inspired by ethnology, made in Paris

All Pagan Poetry jewellery is handmade from leather work to metal work
I take great care of the packaging too.
My portable 4m² atelier at the Etsy Press-Day
Natash Khan {Bat For Lashes} wearing the Hana bodyjewellery on stage ♥
a few of the tools

« This is the story...

...of a girl who would have dreamt of being born in a very cold land. A country where snow covers the ground and the ocean with a beautiful blanket... A country full of mystery and magical animals ... And when she would find herself in the shadow of the night, all the legends told by the fireside would fill her imagination. » D.S.

« Residing from a family of artisans; her grandfather an architect and a cabinet maker, and her mother a silversmith, Diane’s creative soul was encouraged to flourish from an early age. Originally trained and qualified as a landscape architect, she found herself on a path that did not quite ignite her soul. Preferring to participate in something more tactile, not conceptual, involving both art and sculpture, Diane gave life to Pagan Poetry. Pagan Poetry is a name that transpired from a combination of Diane Schuh’s interests in Ethnology, shamanism, artistry and craft and her desire and love of telling stories. Her jewellery is bold, strong and yet beautifully fragile. Every piece marks expressions that lay reference to ancient myths and native cultures. Her pieces are wearable representations of cultures and traditions, made in the truest form of art and craftsmanship.

Hugely influenced by ethnologic books and writers such as Paul Emile Victor, Jean Malaurie and Pierre Clastres, Diane finds herself transported into other civilizations, giving her insight into the many different ways in which to see and understand the world around us. The starting point for a new collection always comes from books or music. Bjork’s song of the same name, is no coincidence, Diane was deeply inspired by the lyrics and meaning of the song. Each collection has a different theme or heroine expressing Diane’s own interpretation of stories, revealing her personal and poetic universe.
For example, Diane found herself incredibly taken by an Inuit game called Knucklebone where each player would re-create everyday scenes using tiny bones. Challenging themes of mortality and morbidity that commonly tend to surround bones, Diane wanted to capture and show that a bone could be transformed into something artistic and beautiful. You only have to look at the resin bone harness to see how she interpreted this. She choses mostly to work with metals such as brass and copper so as to invest more time into the making of each piece instead of into the cost of materials making the jewellery more affordable. She has the ability to manipulate a simple and modest material and make something beautiful. Her pieces range from amulets and harness’ to stunning earrings, necklaces and collars, each piece uniquely made in Paris, France. For the wearer, they are given the opportunity to play a part in Diane’s stories, allowing their own character to shine through.

Diane via Pagan Poetry, has worked with many talented artists,models and photographers such as Ellen Rogers, Pauline Darley, Vivienne Mok, Jeanne Madic and Rebecca Cairns Each partnership and collaboration brings new and undiscovered dimensions to the surface that exist within Diane’s work. Her jewellery is something to be adored and treasured not just because of it’s sheer beauty and artistry but because of the underlying history that influences the creation that is held within each piece. Diane’s jewellery represents stories that are timeless in meaning and each new collection encompasses celebrations of cultural traditions, are statements of the soul and adornments for the body. »

text by Anna Forrest

If you want to know more, please read the interview on the Etsy Blog:
Diane Schuh
owner, maker, designer, curator
Former landscape architect, mother of two children.I am now and forever an independent artisan devoted to building a poetic world around unique jewellery.