Original illustration prints, paintings, and decor

Desk Space, with inspiration from outer-space.
Elbow deep in ink, paper, and light.

A struggle to Sit and Settle

I went to school for illustration, I love to draw, I love to solve the puzzle of what would work best as idea and composition for my clients. Sometimes though, I really want to do my own work. That is where my shop comes along.

I can't just sit, I have to be doing something all the time. I have a busy head and busy hands to go with it. This shop is my reason to remember that I am allowed to make art that isn't commissioned, that is all my own. Everything in my shop is something I would gladly hang on my wall, something I love, have deep interest in.
Pam Wishbow
owner, maker, designer, curator
Pam is the rootin-est tootin-est lady you’ll ever meet. She eats cowboys for dinner and astronauts for snacks.

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