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I use non toxic wood coils and hoops made by professional body jewelry manufacturers for the bases and wearable areas of my ear weights. I do not use acrylic or toxic woods. There is no glue or varnish in any of the pieces; everything is constructed using thread tension and macrame.

Do not wear organic materials like wood or horn in fresh, or healing, or freshly-stretched piercings. These are for healed and settled piercings only! Do not get your wood wet; keep it dry and oil it occasionally to prevent cracking.

You can find more information about safe woods at

We use ethically-sourced, legal specimens. Coral, stone and wood comes from local suppliers who do not over-harvest, or from vintage/antique sources. All animal part and products are ethical and not harmed for the purpose of making art or objects.

Michelle is a jewelry designer and artist. You can find more of her designs as well as her brick-and-mortar store information at

Anji is a professional tattoo artist and crafter, you can find her on facebook, or subscribe, at

Anji's art shop is here:

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