Born and raised in Southern California, I first debuted on Etsy as HeavenBakedSweets in 2009 and within a few months I opened PaperFromHeaven. At that time I just wanted to do something to shake up my routine as a stay at home mom and make some extra spending cash. Soon I needed to make a decision, Etsy or a "real" job. I chose to make Etsy work for me to be able to stay at home with my growing family.

I began this journey as "Paper From Heaven" sewing and creating fun organizing products for kids. It started with a love for the idea of crayon rolls for the kiddos, but I wanted to make them different and more versatile for different types of crayons. I came up with the design of a larger pocket to hold more crayons in Summer 2011, and the mini crayon roll followed in Fall 2011. I love the design and that it gives customers the ability to have their crayon needs grow with their kiddos!

As time moved on I began expanding my product line to other areas where creativity and organization needs to be more fun. As my business grew I began to enlist the help of my husband to handle some of the administrative tasks. Because of his commitment to PaperFromHeaven he was able to go back to school to work on his masters degree. So now we are here in North Carolina being creative and experiencing the East Coast life. I have listed below a timeline of when I launched new products and occasionally new products that I plan on launching in the future. Thank you for supporting handmade and my family.

You can learn more about my husband at

2011 - Crayon Roll, Mini Crayon Roll, Crayon Bag
2012 - Crayon Apron, Pencil Roll, Mini Pencil Roll
2013 - Mini Make Up Roll
2014 - Sober Drum Stick Roll, Notebook Cover, Crayon Notebook, Mini Crayon Notebook
2015 - Mini Crochet Hook Case, First Aid Roll, Feminine Product Case, Mini Essential Oil Case, Regular Essential Oil Case

Coming Soon - Makeup Bag, Large Essential Oil Case
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Hi! I'm Katie! I've been married 11 years & have 4 boys. I love to have the opportunities to be able to give to others. I give thanks to my God daily for all He does through me in the lives of others.

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