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"Papergluebamboo" or PGB is a collection of hand made home ware, applying the ancient Japanese craft of Ikkanbari, and consists of ecologically sound, biodegradable products; paper, glue, bamboo.

"Ikkanbarii" (literally translates to "idle-pasting") an age old technique, used to extend the life of a bamboo basket, it is one of the earliest forms of recycling, practiced in Japan since the 6th Century.

For generations bamboo household items have been used in Japan. If such items were to break, they would be mended with glue made from diluted rice porridge ("nori"), then layers of hand made paper would be applied to bind the baskets back into shape, and strengthening them.

Most of the items listed here are new baskets, unless otherwise noted. Each is treated with a clear low VoC vanish to give a durable finish. The baskets can be cleaned with a hot, well rung cloth, and should be allowed to air dry.

The entire collection is created and produced by one person, George Fukuda.

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