vintage with a hint of handmade

welcome to my shop & primary source of inspiration....our little ranch style home in california
the paper jar contains only pieces I would love to have in my own home
one of my most beloved antique pieces....thank you, mom
flowers go with everything! even vintage jello molds....
come visit Paper Jar in person at the Long Beach Flea Market

relaxed vintage style....from my home to yours

I didn't always love and appreciate vintage. My mom did. She still has gorgeous antique pieces that she has kept relevant and purposeful by editing and updating their surroundings. I suppose through osmosis, I learned it all from her.

I studied architecture in college and felt most energized by the architectural history classes. An appreciation of magnificent old buildings developed then and remains to this day.

I have traveled down a variety of paths....some design related, some not....but I acquired an eye for uniquely beautiful things along the way. Our home contains vintage, antique and new pieces in an ever-changing environment. For years, the style of our home has received so many compliments because, I think, our home is just simply "us."

Less than two years ago, a friend encouraged me to create home accessories and open an Etsy shop. I drifted a bit from my own aesthetic and found few fans. When I threw vintage items into the mix, however, my little audience expanded into a little bit bigger audience.......and I was hooked! The amazing makers and finders here....the incredible people you encounter on is wonderous and it is inspiring.

I am an idealist. I'm a dreamer. I feel that finding, using and enjoying lovely old things can be an enriching experience when so many aspects of our lives are conveniently disposable. Respecting the past, keeping it alive is not is rewarding, comforting, and hopeful. And beautiful. Every day.
shop keeper
My husband and I share a design background as well as a small ranch style home with our two children, an extra-large labrador and whiny cat. It is a happy, comforting place....never perfect, but always welcoming.