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a few of my letterpress lovelies.
hand mixed ink.
my golding pearl #3 at work.
my golding pearl #3.

Letterpress and Design to Make you Smile.

Paper Lovely is the result of all the hopeful little daydreams I had while sitting in my cubicle chair. Daydreams about running my own design business someday.

In 2007, with a background in marketing and graphic design, I slowly made the transition from the corporate world to the home office. I had always had a love and appreciation for paper, and soon became interested in letterpress as a printing alternative after designing a few wedding suites for clients. I thought to myself, "This is something I could surely do myself", so I went on the hunt for my first letterpress and ended up with a Kelsey tabletop press. With the help of the wonderful sources available on the internet, I was able to teach myself how to use it and have been printing ever since.

Today, I print out of my home-based studio in Omaha, Nebraska using my Golding Pearl #3. Each piece is hand-fed through the press one at a time. Truly a labor of love. I absolutely love the whole design process, starting out with the initial sketches in my notebook, and ending with the printed illustration onto the finished piece. It is so gratifying to see the design through every step of the way.

I currently have two studio sidekicks–my baby boy, Elijah, and my little dog, Elmer. These days, my printing sessions are mostly limited to when Elijah is napping or at his grandparent's, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to stay at home with Elijah while still being able to pursue my business dreams.

My hope is that Paper Lovely will help bring a smile to somebody's face. Either by receiving a heartfelt thank you note, a simple birthday greeting, or even just brightening a person's day with a handwritten note.
Kim Burks
owner, maker, designer, curator, printer, photography, shipping
My name is Kim and I love creating things that make people smile.
I design and print out of my home-based studio located in the nation's heartland of Omaha, Nebraska.
I am wife to my wonderful husband, Brad, and mom to my sweet baby boy, Elijah.

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