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Q. What is a Pattern Tamer you ask?
A. One of the best things to happen to your knitting life since the circular needle! Okay, well maybe not that revolutionary, but they do make the world a better place for knitters! A pattern tamer is a nifty little magnetic gadget to hold your place in your knitting pattern. Once you start using the tamers, you won't need to use sticky notes or write on your patterns to keep track of your place.

They are great for the knitter on the go who doesn't want to lug around one of the easel board place holders.

Stays in place - even if you fold a pattern and stick it in your purse.

Q. How does it work?
A. Side "A" of the magnetic tape, and side "B" are attached using cool ribbons. When side "A" and side "B" attract to each other through the page, it marks your spot in a straight line across the page. When you finish a line, you simply pick up the ends of the tamer, breaking the magnetic pull, and slide it up or down the page.
(NOTE: this is waaaaayyyyyy easier than it sounds! Click on one of the tamers listed below, and look at the thumbnail pics to see how this works.)

Q. Why does it come in three sizes?
A. It comes in a package of three: one 5 inch tamer, one 9 inch tamer, and one 12 inch tamer. The 5 and 9 inch ones are for horizontal use across the page. The 12 inch one is designed to mark your place vertically in a chart, or in a row.

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