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Announcement    One-of-a-Kind Crochet Mementos for Life's Special Moments including Wispy Crochet Wire Bracelets and Romantic Crochet Bracelets and Necklaces for Lovers of Vintage

These one-of-a-kind crocheted gems that are both multi-functional and beautiful, too!


Last updated on Jul 12, 2016

One-of-a-Kind Crochet Mementos for Life's Special Moments including Wispy Crochet Wire Bracelets and Romantic Crochet Bracelets and Necklaces for Lovers of Vintage

These one-of-a-kind crocheted gems that are both multi-functional and beautiful, too!


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One- Of- A -Kind Vintage Designs For Life's Special Moments

A Reflective Bead is the culmination of a lifelong desire to create things of beauty.

Just as life evolves, my shop has evolved, as well. I love creating so that is reflected in my PQ Pockets, crochet beaded wire bracelets, and all the beautiful crochet accessories that you see. Lately, I love making baby accessories (for the baby I never had).

I absolutely love yarn! I love the different textures, I love the colors, I love thinking about what I can make with different balls of yarn!

How This Whole Etsy Thing Got Started

Ever since my mother died in 2010, I've been wanting to do something to honor her memory (and my father's, too - he died in 1983). I tried many things, but nothing seemed to really stick. I thought about creating a shadow box with memorabilia of them (which then could be created for someone else), but I couldn't figure out how to do simply and efficiently.

Then, came the convergence of tea, jewelry and crochet! While out shopping with my brother, I came across some fabric tea wallets. I love tea and it occurred to me that I could actually crochet tea bag wallets. This was particularly exciting because before my mother died I was making crochet mini-purses that I was going to sell on Etsy under a shop called Paula's What-Knots. But that all fell apart as life took me on another course.

Crochet Wrist Bracelets

While I'm still offering the pockets, I'm now focused on making crochet cuff bracelets. For those who love Vintage, Boho, Shabby Chic or Victorian these gorgeous cuffs are must-haves as they spice up any outfit and can be won throughout the year. They can be worn by anyone but are an excellent choice for brides.

If you're a bride-to-be here are some ideas:

-Toss the bouquet, keep the bracelet! Coordinate the bracelet with your wedding bouquet and you have a wonderful keepsake that you can actually wear
-Slip on a reception dress and wear the cuff as a corsage
-Wear it on your honeymoon as a remembrance of your wedding
- Give as a gift to bridesmaids, maid of honor or matron of honor
-Wear it as "something blue" on your wedding day.
-Wear it to your bridal shower, luncheon or rehearsal dinner
- The cuff is great for a simple Courthouse or City Hall wedding. Wear a beautiful cuff and save money on a bouquet

PQ Pockets

The PQ Pockets not only can be used for tea bags, but also have a variety of other uses (see below). For example, they make great storage for your wearable fitness trackers.

I use yummy cotton yarn colors for the Pockets, which may be embellished with beads, buttons and other findings. The Pockets are completely handmade and no two Pockets are exactly the same.

Many incorporate vintage buttons and limited edition buttons, beads and charms that are unique or hard to find. Some of the findings are just plain fun, though.

If you have lost a loved one, these Pockets are a wonderful way to honor and treasure their memory. Use them to save a lock of hair, their keys, a piece of jewelry. Better still, contact me and let us collaborate on something custom and wonderful to honor their memory. You can tuck your Pocket away in a special place, carry it with you, or give it as a gift to someone.

PQ Pockets make a great gift for both men and women to celebrate the special moments in their lives.

Here are some other Life's Special Moments that you might want to help celebrate with PQ Pockets:

1. The First Date
2. First Day of School
3. Ripped Tickets from concerts, movies, etc.
4. Cork from a special bottle of wine
5.Memorabilia from your childhood
6.Special keys
7.Important receipts
9.Articles of faith
10. Affirmations
11. Graduation
12. School prom
14. Wedding
15. First house
16. First child
17.School ring
18.First car
19.Tooth fairy
20.New job
21,Pet memorabilia
And of course, PQ Pockets are great for tea bags!

These uses are just for starters. There are plenty more. I would be interested to hear how you plan to use your PQ Pocket!

Crochet Wire Cuff Bracelets

The beautiful beaded crochet wire cuff bracelets speak for themselves. Stunning, elegant, dainty and ethereal, they are a must- have for your jewelry wardrobe! I get so many compliments on mine. I have a crochet wire cuff bracelet for any outfit that I wear! The earring cuffs are a fun and quirky twist on conventional earrings.

Neckwarmer Cowls

These are so warm and cozy. They take any outfit to a whole other level!
Keep checking back for more beautiful accessories!

Baby Accessories

These are great for photo props, baby showers and newborn gifts. I always try to put a unique twist on the items I make.

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    Paula Quick is Certfied Life Coach, Reflexologist and Diamontologist who has a passion for creating. Her shop is dedicated to her late Mom who encouraged her to pursue making jewelry.

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