The Creation of PDQ DESIGNS

One afternoon my dear friend Dana and I were bouncing around ideas and she suggested we start an online business. I was thrilled to think we were going to partner up. She was a successful pattern designer and I enjoyed sewing out a new idea. Thus, PDQ DESIGNS was created. We spent many a Sunday afternoon critiquing a new pattern or a combination of fabric and color. We worked together until she was tragically killed in an accident. I struggled with the decision of what to do……….and decided to carry on.
Often I use her patterns because it makes me feel as if she is still encouraging me to work with colors I don’t usually sew with or experiment with a new design of my own.
Paula Wingfield
I have always loved to create and sew handmade things. I learned the art from my mother who had such talent. She taught me to take pride in what I make and to strive to learn new things.

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