peacelovealli's Shop Announcement

In a time of pain and heartache the world could use more smiles. Research proves just how powerful a smile can be not just for the person who see's the smile but for the person doing the smiling! Most of my handmade items are made with the intent of bringing a smile to someones face. So many things flow through my mind when I am making these items. I like to think about where these pieces will end up and how these pieces will make someone feel. Often times my husband watches as my ideas begin to take shape. We usually are chatting and laughing together which only adds to the love and creativity that goes into each piece.
There is purpose to everything I make and my ideas begin their life deep in my heart... A few times my creativity has exploded and beautified after someone has made my day or I have made theirs.
All I want to do is make the world a little bit happier. My mission statement is simply to create items that will make someone smile, feel loved, or feel inspired to pour out love and kindness to others. People have told me "Alli you can't change the world!" and I just smile and think to myself "watch me."