PeasantAndRaven's Shop Announcement

Peasant and Raven have re-relocated back to Tennessee! Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and doing some creating!!

To all of our ETSY customers, Thank you for making it possible for us to do something we love! You are one and all very special to us.
Jeff and Becky

Hand-Made Fine Art Jewelry
Peasant and Raven is the combined talents of two artists. The Peasant is Becky Maureen Thomas and I, Jeffrey Foster Thomas, am the Raven. When looking for a name that would embody our artistic journey together, we decided to select words that evoked strong feelings for us both. Becky decided that for herself, The Peasant, throughout history, is where rich, earthy creations and hand-made warmth come from. For me, The Raven represents my social nature and creative process.

The small works of art are the creation of Becky Maureen Thomas. I sit in amazement and watch as she creates a small canvas first as the base of her piece. She then makes paper using natural fibers, wheat grass, (the juice is so yummy!) and other plants from her flower garden. The hand-made paper is built in layers to create the background. And from that, trees, birds, flowers, a tea cup...whatever her imagination envisions...come to life. Eyelets are installed for pendants and a pin back for a broach.
We create the other items from found things and string them to create beautiful, earthy necklaces. Some of our pieces include hammered raw steel components that are maintained with a little olive oil on occasion. At other times, we find a really unique bead, some recycled glass, some discarded copper or leather and a piece is born. It is a journey that each piece takes as it makes its way to you and becomes part of your life.

Look for our other items for your home! We have added a few selected fine art pieces and hand painted frosted wine bottles.

Enjoy your Peasant and Raven piece and become part of the creative journey.