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Announcement    10% of proceeds going towards The Okra Project supporting Black Trans People facing food insecurity. Check @pennydoth on Instagram for annual contribution updates & More!


Last updated on Jan 4, 2021

10% of proceeds going towards The Okra Project supporting Black Trans People facing food insecurity. Check @pennydoth on Instagram for annual contribution updates & More!


Dawn Lawson

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Dawn Lawson


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Adventures of a Blerd Concept Artist


I work in 2D animation and comics, and my shop is an excuse to share aspects of what I love about designing visual storytelling. If my career as a character designer fills my cup to the brim, my shop is the overflow.


I grew up a blerd girl with a love for drawing and video games.
Surrounded by other supportive artist family members pretty much opened up a path towards an art career if I wanted to pursue one. Just having that door open for me at a young age in a racially tentative America was special in ways I wouldn't know the significance of until decades later.


The 90s animation renaissance was a huge influence on my expectations for what a visual storytelling experience could be. The introspective magical-girl, and an action-packed look into the human experience through anime. The life-like mannerisms of Don Bluth characters contrasted via color palettes full of eye candy, Disney churning out cinematic epics every year, and chart-topping produced soundtracks for days. Where's my all-day pass to this adventure? I was for it all.

My many escapes made for a small challenge though. Being a black kid who liked comic books was one thing, but no one around me knew exactly how to graduate into an "art job" after high school in the time of Ask Jeeves.


Then college happened. I started to look at work as less of a short-term finality and more of a long-term process. I could choose a career. Heck! I could pick a role now--any role. Some point down the road gave me the realization that I didn't just enjoy animation. I specifically took a shine to characters. I wanted to help create their experience: the look, their fashion, and their location. The rest was history.


Everything I make is on purpose with the storytelling experience in mind, and my trusty studio is where it all happens.

The illustrations here in my shop are in support of all Black people & people of color on the human spectrum: the telling, the giving, the exchanging of the living stories of my culture and heritage. That is to use my skills, that I believe are spiritual gifts to be shared, to make an impact.

Like to learn more? Send a shout.
I identify as she/her. You can check out my other projects and stay up to date on what I'm doing here:

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Do you offer custom print sizes?

• Contact me for FREE custom sizes of your download, if you need an exact dimension that the size guide doesn't cover.

(PLEASE NOTE: some clipping may occur for details you may want to remain visible that the style guide otherwise safely includes.)

Can you print my files professionally?

• I don't take custom print orders. Many online retailers, however, offer printing services, covering a wide range of sizes at affordable prices. They will print and ship your art directly to you, or you can take your files to your local printing shop if available.

• It is normal to see somewhat of a variation between the colors you see on a computer screen and the colors that actually print. This is also true for your device color calibration settings which vary across multiple devices & apps. A local printer may also be able to help adjust colors to get what you need.

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Please be kind and respectful. I make it a point to be courteous, treating all paying customers with decency and will be grateful for the same in return. If you have an issue with your purchase for whatever reason, reach out to me before leaving a negative review. Please respect that I invest a lot of time into my shop and the work I do. I respond as soon as possible within 24 hours to any correspondence I receive, so please give me a chance to personally correct problems or address any issues you may have. Thank you.

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