pennyjarvis' Shop Announcement

These are some of the personalised ideas:

Underneath this small fluffy exterior there is a raging tiger!(61)
I’m not smug – I just know my own worth!(39)
Nobody messes with me mate!(27)
I wonder if our owners realise how fortunate they are to have us!(66)
Middle age spread is quite normal when you eat as much as I do!(63)
I know I can get away with ANYTHING!(36)
Pretentious and spoilt – Moi?(29)
To my purrfect friend – Happy Birthday/anniversary/Christmas/Easter(40)
Pussycat Hungry, Pussycat Thirsty!(34)
For pity’s sake hurry up can’t you see I’m starving?(53)
Do I look like the sort of cat who wants to play with wool?(60)
Absolutely Purrfect!(19)
Women and cats do as they please, men should get used to it!(60)
Curiosity killed the cat!(25)
Cute? Wait till you see what I’ve done in the slipper!(54)
I keep saying “why don’t you go on a diet?” but I don’t take any notice!(72)
I just LOVE it when she knits! (30)

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