pennyonatrack's Shop Announcement

Remember as a child putting pennies down on a railroad track and coming back to collect them after they were flattened? Here's the thing- it's STILL awesome***. I love creating something from the wreckage. I'm inspired by nostalgia, superstition, whimsy, impracticality, wanderlust, irreverence and that orange pink color that only happens when the sun is rising.

Whenever I travel I put pennies down on the nearest tracks I can find. I also have some amazing friends and family members from all around that contribute to the cause as well. I currently have pennies from Kansas, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Palm Springs, Nevada and New York. The list is ever growing.

Every penny turns out differently from the next because of placement on track, speed of train, year the penny was made (different years have different metal compositions), temperature the day the pennies were put down, etc. As a result each piece that is made is one of a kind and is impossible to mass produce or recreate. I hope you enjoy my work. Also, just so you know, I'm happy to do special orders, commissioned pieces and special engraving. If you're interested just send me a message!

My pieces are available for purchase at Urban Outfitters NYC Soho location as well as San Francisco's Union Square Urban Outfitters. I am also carried by the amazing vintage shop Grand Street Bakery