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In the last year a lot has changed for us, with our new retail location finally coming together, we've really being trying to focus on making things more simple. Simple in all areas of what we do. Making high quality products out of simple ingredients, simple packaging and labels, simple choices like using reusable glass packaging, and sourcing locally for materials. In that spirit, we wanted to let people know as simply as possible what we represent and where we're from.

What we're all about is handmade. We believe that to make the best quality products possible, you need to make them by hand, in small batches, one at a time, taking time to address the details. We've spent thousands of hours and countless weeks obsessing over everything that we make, every bar of soap, every stitch sewn, every material we use. It's this obsessiveness (a labor of love really) that makes us confident when we say our products are handmade with quality.

Where we are now is a great place. Moving ourselves and our business to La Conner has been one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences of our lives. Often times it seems as though it can't be real, it's truly a beautiful place to live filled with so many of the kindest most selfless people we've ever met. We talked for a long time about how every time we go to a show whether it's in Seattle, Portland, or San Fransisco people constantly say "I love La Conner!" How the towns website is "," how it seems like EVERYONE just loves La Conner. And you know what WE really love La Conner too.

So that's the long and short of it. We're all about hand made, and we're in a really great place, La Conner. So with that said we couldn't think of anything more simple than to call ourselves "Handmade. La Conner." It's simple, it represents our values, our ethics, our love for people, and people who love people, our wonderful new community, and everything we love about it.

Thank you so much!

Robyn + Tyler

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