perebags' Shop Announcement

"Not only is each perebag custom made but also made to order, providing the fashionista with something that is specifically designed for them. This attention to detail and dedication to create something special, something beyond the realms of pedestrian fashion is what takes Pere Bags from the norm and gives the brand the edge in the industry."

Welcome to PERE custom handbags!

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Interested in seeing some more bags? Head over to my sold section here: and click on any of the "reserved lisings," or head over to Instagram @perebags where I update photos often :)

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Feel free to ask if I can recreate a clutch from my sold section!

I have plenty of Photo Sample Clutches that are not shown in stock. These great clutches are what I like to call my "runner up bags." They are either bags that I constructed to try out a new pattern that I made, or bags that have slight imperfections. These beautiful clutches are generously priced, at a reduced rate. Please send me a message by clicking on the blue "Contact" button to the left to see if the clutches available will work for you