Wedding Jewelry and Pearl, Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry

A work in progress...
A peek inside the organized chaos that is my studio.
Meet Angelique! ~ She helps me take great pics of the lovely jewelry along with the light box in which she resides. :-)
These are some of my favorite things - pearls.
These are some of my favorite things - peridot and sterling silver.

My Personal Oasis

I used to define myself by my work outside the home. I worked too hard and too much and when I started to burn out, a friend at work got me hooked on jewelry. I know it sounds cliche, but I think it saved me from myself!

Life is in perspective now and jewelry is one part. I call it "My Personal Oasis" because it is something I do just for me, and it's also something that I can do with my kids. They love creating almost as much as I do. No... none of their stuff is in the shop. ;-)

I shop for materials that I like first (semi-precious gemstones and pearls especially.) Who doesn't love shopping!!! The best part is that I have no idea what I'll do with them when I get them. The designs for my necklaces, bracelets and earrings just come to me as I am looking around at my stash. It's the complete opposite of who I have to be in the traditional workplace - very liberating.

As My Personal Oasis has evolved, I have also started taking more custom orders for others - especially custom lengths and modifications of existing designs. So far, that has been working very well for those have requested it, and I've been happy to offer it as well! Please ask if you have a request that is similar to my style and if I can help, I will. I want to make it easy to work with me to get what you want in your custom jewelry piece!

Thanks for checking me out. Have a great day!
Hi! My name is Ginger and I make handmade semi-precious gemstone, pearl and crystal jewelry that is often geared toward wedding or bridesmaids or other formal events.