petitchateau's Shop Announcement

100% of all proceeds from cork sales are donated to charity. Thanks for your support!

In 2014, we donated over $300, and we're optimistic about doing even more in 2015.

I ship most cork packages using Expedited Parcel within Canada, and to the USA using Small Packet Air and Expedited Parcel, for quick and inexpensive shipping. I charge only actual shipping rates, and refund any overcharges of $1+ in whole dollar increments. Please see my Policies or convo me for more info about shipping.

I love custom orders! If there's something wine- or cork-related that you need, please feel free to convo me! I'd love to help you find what you need :)

A quick note about packaging - Since each lot of 100 corks weighs about 495g, the packaging has to be about as no-frills as it gets to avoid adding an extra $5 to the shipping costs if it goes over 500g. I do my best to make sure that the packaging will survive shipment, but PLEASE let me know if anything is worse-for-wear when it arrives. I sincerely want you to be happy with your purchase. I ship using repurposed and recycled (and recyclable!) materials wherever possible, both to minimize costs (and thus increase donations) and because it's more eco-friendly.

Thanks for stopping by!

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