phoebebighatmarple's Shop Announcement

*Back from vacation and we have a bunch of stuff to list., keep an eye on us over the next week.

Are you a secret geek? Do you log onto you’re favorite game before you even get dressed in the morning? Is it impossible for you to go 3 days straight without mentioning the game outside?
Well if so, then this is the shop for you. My husband and I are pretty well hooked on gaming and letting our inner nerd out to play. Still we’re pretty creative and our love bleeds over into what we do.

So here it is, your shop to fulfill all those little nerd desires, taking pieces of the real life back into the boring world where you get paid. Please browse and enjoy!

Oh yeah, and don’t give us any crap because we live in China. This is hand made and we have the cuts to prove it. We live here because unless people will pay 300$ for a USB you cant really make a living crafting back in the US or UK.
Hell, hard enough to just make pocket money back there.