PicturesofSilver's Shop Announcement

CHRISTIAN JEWELRY thank you for a great year and due to family issues, I am closing in Jan 2014. If you are my customer and need to contact me, I will check my conversations every few days. I've always got your back, so don't hesitate if you have a problem w your jewelry or need a duplicate of what I've already made you. God's promises are for WHOSOEVER believes in Jesus Christ who paid the price for all sin on the cross of Calvary (John 3:16). God is FOR us, not against us!

PLEASE NOTE: JEWELRY IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER 15 YRS OF AGE. I USE THE FINEST GENUINE SWAROVSKI AUSTRIAN LEADED CRYSTALS IN MY JEWELRY FOR THEIR EXCEPTIONAL BEAUTY RIVALING THE SPARKLE OF A DIAMOND. They are considered safe because the lead is enclosed in the matrix of the glass (LIKE THE CRYSTAL GOBLETS WE DRINK FROM). I have researched this issue & wear the crystals myself. Please google for more info. Small components are not considered safe for children b/c they put things in their mouth (I know, some adults do too :)I also use a scratch/tarnish resistant sealant on the front of pendants which I would not put in my mouth, however I use it on the front of my own jewelry.

Fine silver is made up of recycled silver & clay. When fired, it becomes .999% pure, which makes it more costly than .925 sterling silver. It is whiter, softer, & does not tarnish as quickly as sterling. In notes to seller please list for me personalization, and any special instructions. Thanks! Please allow 3-4 wks for me to custom create your special order. All personalized Christian jewelry is gift boxed, ready for giving! I recycle- Shipping envelope & popcorn is recycled. Not only does it make us good stewards of the beautiful Earth that God gave us, but IT SAVES YOU $$$$$$$ By keeping MY cost down, it keeps YOUR cost down! Please convo me if you want INSURANCE on your package, I will set up a custom insurance page at cost to your zip. Personalized Christian Jewelry is not responsible for any damage if you do not pay for insurance.*PLEASE ASK ME ABOUT SHIPPING DISCOUNTS FOR ADDITIONAL CHARMS AND/OR CHAINS TO GO WITH YOUR CHARMS*

To see a similar process I use to make bronze jewelry, go to: