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Custom 7 ingredient vegan mineral cosmetics and lip products

Pink Quartz Minerals. I'm so happy to share my makeup with you. I love making custom foundations for those who cannot find their shade in other makeup, and I love making simple, 7 ingredient makeup which is good for your skin.

I started out by purchasing that well-known brand name mineral makeup a little over 9 years ago. Although I loved the way it went on, I broke out from it. Curious, because it is supposed to be great for all skin types. After reading the ingredients, I purchased those separately along with some other ingredients and figured I could perhaps figure out what ingredient was causing the breakouts and make something without it.

About six months later and after many, many experiments, I finally had a foundation that worked, did not cause me to break out, and was a perfect match for my skin tone, hurrah! The main culprit? Bismuth oxychloride. And I'm not the only one that reacts to that ingredient- the web is full of stories.

My family and friends said I looked great, what was I doing? I told them about my makeup experiment and started making shades for them. I soon realized I would have to charge so I didn't go broke, and that's how Pink Quartz Minerals was born.

I made a website, and sales were slow- I knew nothing about internet marketing and very little about the internet in general. In the meantime I started making what my friends and family were asking for- finishing powder(Translucent Veil) blushes, bronzers, eye shadows and more. I stuck to my original goal of the least ingredients possible and still having a high quality product. I also saw the need for vegan makeup, so I use no animal products of any kind in anything I make.

I happened across Etsy and decided to list my makeup here in 2007. At the time I was the only makeup-only shop on Etsy. It's been great, I've acquired a lot of new clients, wholesale accounts, and even a few good friends.

Bismuth free, only 7 mineral ingredients in my makeup: Mica; Titanium Dioxide; Zinc, Iron and Tin Oxides; Ultramarines; Kaolin. No nano particle minerals used either!
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