pitian's Shop Announcement

The business started because my mom loves hill tribe product. She likes the story and culture they put on their clothes. Hill tribe people (Hmong and Yao) who live in highland put their imagination, feeling and picture of environment around them on their works. All handmade clothes they made have the meaning; some made it for wedding day, some made it for New Year. No wonder why these handmade always have best quality. They’re made for special occasion and also made for themselves or special person like their family. They made their clothes with joy and use it happily. The purpose of making their cloth is not just for money, but it’s also their way to enjoy their life.

We started our business at Night Bazar, Chiang Mai since 1985. We made clothes; jacket, long pants, short pants, belt and hat. All our fabric made by hill tribe, and we’re responsible for design, and produce it into the purse, bag, or pants. Every pieces of our product are produced carefully. We not only make it stylish but it is also useful and high quality. Now we moved from Night Bazar, Chiang Mai to Sunday market. We created the website, and plan to go international with our products. We start selling bag and belt for now, and we plan to expand our business to clothes, and accessories later. If you have any suggestion, you can send an e-mail to us. We would love to hear it. Our business is not factory which is focus on profit. We made it for sharing our product with people who love artwork. We are happy to produce unique product. Costumers’ smile are our best profit.