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pixxxiepieandposie is currently not selling on Etsy

We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

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Last updated on October 23, 2017
Pixxxie Pie & Posie offers a wide range of exotic haute couture and semi-precious sundries. A love of sumptuous components, top quality materials & a relentless eye for detail, means that every ensemble is sewn with care & all jewelry, soap, natural perfumes (and colognes) & ephemera are lovingly hand crafted by the Pixxxie Pie proprietor, one Madame Raquel Q. Van Der Zee, Esquire.

♥-----------------AROMA FAMILIES--------------------------------------♥
Here before you are the aromas divided into families….

Many find it much easier to shop when things are organized in such a way, so the Pixxxie Pie & Posie aroma pantheon now spreads before you with every aroma blend nestled within a family. So whether you’re new to Pixxxie Pie or stopping in for your monthly refill, this new organization scheme will help you quickly narrow down which aromas are right up your alley. The Single Note Solid Perfume Collection isn't listed here since their inherent simplicity makes for easy shopping.

Many aromas have a uniquely Unisex appeal, making them perfect for all manner of strange women or mysterious men. Though this menu may lean towards perfumes and cologne oils, all aroma blends offered by Pixxxie Pie & Posie are available in many forms: solid perfumes, natural soaps, hand-whipped shea body butter, bath bombs & salts, elaborate gift sets and other Victorian ephemera.

Aroma Family: My Devil’s Heart
Personality: Deeply woody, bold, fiery and musky, My Devil’s Heart is sewn of honed leather, suede & rare resins. Balsamic, smoky, exotic, primal, shamelessly sensual and complex, these are perfumes & colognes pulled from ancient times and parallel dimensions. Perfect for those that love heady aroma blends, these are unique and uninhibited. Members of this aroma family blush brightest during the following seasons: Autumn/Winter

—–The Gunslinger – (primary notes: leather, sandalwood, amber, rose, oak, tobacco & caramel)
The Gunslinger is like nothing else. It bespeaks a bold sensuality that is exotic, complex and myriad, full of a primal intensity seldom seen in this day and age. The woods here are musky, deep and dark… And like a grain of sand within a pearl, they are tucked within layers of components, precious and rare; warm and compelling. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning masculine}

—–Fire, Walk With Me – (primary notes: hazelnut, tobacco, chestnut, vanilla & scorched woods)
Fire Walk With Me is an uninhibited aroma full of seductive mystery and allure. Sensuous, deep, dark and woody, warm droplets of vanilla slide across smoky notes of tobacco and hazelnut. Exotic wood chords slowly evolve into amber and resonate warmly across the skin as the aroma is worn throughout the day. {aroma gender: feminine}

—–A Tight Corset – (primary notes: moroccan amber & cardamom)
A touch on the carnal, A Tight Corset is spicy, deep, sweetly earthy and loves nothing more than to take your breath away. An aroma pulled from the recesses of time, genuine Moroccan Amber is a strangely intoxicating, boldly rich spell component and conveys an unmistakably erotic overtone. Reminiscent of the finest exotic ambergris from times of old, the aroma is tight-laced about its edges with fine, velvety ribbons of Cardamon. Be forewarned that this is a powerful aphrodisiac. Smoky and rare, it never fails to draw attention and loves to feel you blush. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–Satin Coffin - (primary notes: carrot seed, nagarmotha & maté)
My Satin Coffin is an arcane beauty, both resonate and rich in her depth and character. Carved of a mix of heavy spices & Asian woods, an exotic host of rare essential oils is ribbon-woven 'round a most toasty heart of spicy Carrot Seed. Oils of Maté and Nagarmotha weave the casket's lining, satin-soft & feather filled; a warp & weft pulled from a brown-sugar loom. Mayhaps once used for barrels bursting with wild rum and voodoo spices, this aroma holds a dark & saccharine vibrance. Summoned from The Ether on the night the world was slated to end, perhaps you'll find that this Satin Coffin was fashioned just for you. (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

—–Warm Leatherette – (primary notes: leather, frankincense & clove)
Warm Leatherette is spicy, balsamic, masculine and transformative. Whisked away to a room outside of time, the aroma has deep, smooth woodsy overtones unfurling at its sweet heart. Mildly smoky, the smell of leather is softly balanced against frankincense and clove. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning masculine}

—–The Bene Gesserit – (primary notes: sandalwood & peony)
The Bene Gesserit reveals a rich heart of semi-precious Sandalwood, whose notes are golden, spicy, remarkably deep & grounding. Delicate hints of Peony bind the very edges of this exotic blend with a scent some find very similar to that of English Tea Rose. {aroma gender: feminine}

—–The Blackwood Cello – (primary notes: burmese wood, ebony, pine rosin, black amber & musk)
The Blackwood Cello is hypnotic and lays bear a resonant base of elder woods, beset with smooth curves and exotic dark body lovingly polished by eager hands. Like a fine wine, the Blackwood Cello only grows more exquisite with age. She has a rosin-dusted heart is which is both wicked and warm, seeking to seduce with every amber note and chord that falls from her lips. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning masculine}

—–The Blade Runner – (primary notes: angelica root, opopanax & musk)
The Blade Runner is rich, exotic, mildly woody and beautifully complex. Angelica Root, also known as “The Oil of Angels” imparts this aroma with it’s intense and intricate heart. Twining about that unique heart of gold are tendrils of musk and unlikely resins. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning masculine}

—–Persia – (primary notes: indian oudh/agarwood, labdanum & myrrh)
Dark, resinous and exotic, Persia is crafted from carefully chosen components that hail from the Middle and Far East. Dry-herbaceous, extra-bold and wonderfully faceted, the aroma is marked by a musky fringe of Indian Oudh slowly melding with warm, maple-syrupy Labdanum. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning masculine}

—–Barbaroi – (primary notes: frankincense & sandalwood)
Barbaroi is rich, spicy and exotic wonder-stuff. Boldly balsamic, the aroma is earthy, dark-woodsy and warm like a perfume from ancient times. Golden notes of Frankincense entangle with rare Sandalwood & a voluptuous scent full of fiery sensuality and depth is born. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning masculine}

——Dark Willow – (primary notes: patchouli, cedar & amber)
Dark Willow is bold, grounding, and persistently woody the way a Patchouli based perfume is meant to be. The scent presents an unmistakable spiciness simmering with an almost vanilla-esque smoothness. Exotic, full-bodied, darkly sweet and balsamic, its decadent edges are polished by hints of aged cedarwoods and fossilized amber resins. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–The Ether – (primary notes: ginger, amber & thyme)
Ether is playful, uplifting and delicately earthy. The overall bouquet is warm and subtly green, balanced with zesty notes of genuine wild ginger and golden amber. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–Bellatrix – (primary notes: patchouli & vetivert)
Deeply earthy, woody and fantastically musky, Bellatrix resides where the wild things are, just beyond the tall grass & cat tails. Uninhibited, full-bodied and confident, this Witch o’ The Wilds is a strong brew. Gloriously patchouli-heavy, it’s not for the faint of heart. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–True Blood – (primary notes: dragons blood, spanish moss & honeysuckle)
True Blood is dark, bold, a touch green and oddly resinous. Timeless notes of Patchouli and Sandalwood linger next to Moss and other earthy components with ease, creating a unique bouquet suited only to a chosen few. {aroma gender: unisex}

Aroma Family: The Secret Garden
Personality: Here be the flower maidens, spriteling garden girls with blossoms crushed to blushing cheeks and woven into hair. Members of this aroma family blush brightest during the following seasons: Late Winter/Spring/Summer

——The Devil & Miss Jones – (primary notes: lychee, bergamot & blue tansy)
The Devil & Miss Jones is a truly one-of-a-kind mix, exotic & shamelessly decadent. A touch on the wicked, this aroma is uniquely fruity with that subdued woody-sweetness you've come to love from Pixxxie Pie & Posie. Fascinatingly grounding thanks to a precise mix of Bergamot & Lychee oils, the concoction is further refined with the spiced-sweetness of Blue Tansy essential oil. (aroma gender: feminine)

——La Petite Morte – (primary notes: honeysuckle & vines)
La Petite Morte is a feminine blend, lightly green about its edges with delicately floral overtones at its heart. Soft, soothing and brightly sensual, this floral bouquet is tantalizing and subtle in a manner similar to Jasmine or Neroli. {aroma gender: feminine}

—–Sweet Olivander – (primary notes: lilac & field)
Sweet Olivander is a floral bouquet of wild Lilacs nestled amongst the tall grasses. The aroma is light, airy, shamelessly floral and sweetly feminine in all the right ways. {aroma gender: feminine}

—–Anguisette – (primary notes: moonflower, orchid, violet & musk)
Anguisette is a voluptuous creature. A night blooming flower cultivated with purpose and care, this aroma’s bouquet is sweet, supple and vibrantly unique. {aroma gender: feminine}

—–Burlesque – (primary notes: white gardenia & musk)
A bouquet of hot-house flowers, garter belts and Moulan Rouge, my Burlesque vixen is many things: red light districts and singing blues. Deliberately kissed all over with a heady musk and vivaciously floral, this aroma is a bit of a tawdry harlot and she doesn’t care who knows… Since she doesn’t give a damn about a bad reputation. {aroma gender: feminine}

Aroma Family: Greenwoods and Vine
Personality: These natural perfume and cologne oils are reminiscent of strange forests filled with alien flowers, mosses slinking up the walls of old temples. Robed in creeping vines & deep green-muskiness, this velvet underground beckons you. Members of this aroma family blush brightest during the following seasons: Spring/Summer/Early Autumn

—–Alchemy – (primary notes: firewood, moss & lotus)

Lush Alchemy brings to mind the smell of freshly cut firewood from a forest redolent with moss and fallen leaves. Richly layered like the forest floor, the lightest hint of Lotus adds a tender, nuanced sweetness and depth that completes the concoction perfectly. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–The Shadow Woods – (primary notes: frasier fir, jasmine & pine)
The Shadow Woods is akin to stepping barefoot into an old-growth forest of Fir and Pine trees after a heavy spring rain. Intensely woody, the scent of pine needles, leaves and branches is intertwined with a delicate note of wild Jasmine. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning masculine}

—–Marrakesh – (primary notes: nag champa, bamboo & teak)
Marrakesh is rich, exotic, woody and earthy in a most delightful way. Rather grounding and very similar to the smell of fine incense, this scent is lightly floral and deeply inspired by the ancient temples of India with their billowing clouds of incense smoke seeping up towards the heavens. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–Arsenic & Old Lace – (primary notes: rosewood & bay)
The Old World is the repertoire of Arsenic and Old Lace. The scent is headstrong and warm, like a centuries-old rosewood piano; its upright form rubbed to a multi-layered golden sheen with resinous oils and Jamaican Bay. {aroma gender: unisex}

——Dandelo – (primary notes: dandelion blossom, pomegranate, geranium & white willow)
Dandelo is green blossoms, strange fruits and implications in the underbrush. Earthy, semi-sweet and multifaceted, this aroma seems to dwell in a place of mystery not far from the shadow of a dark tower. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning feminine}

—–The Prim – (primary notes: cypress, clover & lily)
The Prim lies at the pulsing center of a primordial rain forest. Lush and fantastically green, the aroma has a depth and gravity that pulls you ever deep and deeper into the arms of old-growth trees, trailing mists, clinging vines, slithering things and the whispering underworld. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–Cabin Fever – (primary notes: juniper woods, clinging vines & wild flowers)
Cabin Fever is woody, earthy and mildly sweet. A log cabin in the heart of a Juniper Forest at the edge of the world, this aroma’s nuances are reminiscent of the crisp smell of Autumn, a fireplace full of crackling wood, fresh cider and winter berries clutched in hand. {aroma gender: unisex}

——Behind The Green Door – (primary notes: spruce, wild woods, coriander & wild peppermint)
Behind the Green Door is deep, sweetly earthy and ever so lovingly green. Brightly grounding thanks to the slightly camphorus beauty of peppermint & spruce, this aroma is a strangely intoxicating. A boldly rich spell component, it conveys the unmistakably erotic undertones of primordial rain forests in far off nether-worlds. Notes of fine and exotic woods are tight-laced about its edges along with fine ribbons of vivacious Coriander. (aroma gender: unisex)

——Lovecraft – (primary notes: opopanax, oakmoss, vetivert, sandalwood & heavy musk)
Conjured on the 122nd birthday of H.P. Lovecraft, this complex creation is fast becoming one a favorite. A mesmerizing conspiracy of oils, Lovecraft is a finely crafted act of seduction: all silken tentacles and arcane things kept hidden by the wings of night. Deeply green and strangely woody, this potion is persistent, bold & heavily herbaceous with a heady musky fringe. An odd tangle of rare resins and elderwoods, Lovecraft is a maddening delight to behold. (aroma gender: unisex)

Aroma Family: White Frost On Filigree
Personality: Here are the members of the frozen winter forests, water nymphs and wildling rainforests, sunlit lily ponds alive with croaking things, white tea with Mad Hatters, fresh rainstorms and the dreamy mists they like to leave behind. Herbaceous, mildly floral undertones glimmer out clean & ozonic. Members of this aroma family blush brightest during the following seasons: Winter/Spring

—–Stormbringer – (primary notes: lotus, hyacinth, heather & musk)
Stormbringer is a force of nature. Headstrong, mysterious and multifaceted, the floral notes are mild and tinged with a green-muskiness that conjures to mind the smell of the air before a storm breaks loose at the end of summer. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–Morphine – (primary notes: frost, white woods, white amber, musk & nag champa)
Inspired by Lord Morpheus of myth, Morphine is bright and dreamy. Mildly floral it is corseted tightly within a frosted forest of white woods, herbaceous musk and temple incense. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–Lichen & Loam – (primary notes: lush clover & aloe)
Lichen & Loam is wondrously green and lush treasure. Clean and light, the verdant bouquet smells much like a forest right before it shakes off the dew. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–White Willow – (primary notes: white tea & green woods)
White Willow is serene and delicate, putting the mind at ease within moments. A singular and simple beauty, she lingers… outlined in lightly honeyed shades of pale chartreuse and misty white: clean, natural, uninhibited by artifice. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning feminine}

—–Tiger Lily – (primary notes: calla lily & juniper woods)
Tiger Lily is lilting, floral and untamed like wild lilies growing in a thick grove far from the hands of man. Close your eyes and listen closely as you walk amongst the delicate flowers. A filigree of green lightly sugars this bright star, adding balance and a sense of tranquility. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning feminine}

—–Severus – (primary notes: cedar, spearmint, musk & rosemary)
Magnificently layered, bold and dark, Severus moves as moonlight, clad in clinging shadows. Minty, musky, woodsy and pleasantly herbaceous, his is a complex soul burnished in the fires of the odd and preternatural. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning masculine}

—–Sackcloth and Ashes- (primary notes: lavender burned woods)
Lavender is the main note in Sackcloth and Ashes, creating a woody, heavily herbal, full-bodied base. From that base, accents akin to scorched woods radiate out and make for a lavish aroma that lingers and evolves. {aroma gender: unisex}

Aroma Family: Absinthe Sugar
Personality: These are the members of the noble Absinthe Family. A great choice for connoisseurs of the Green Fairy, Old-Fashioned Black Licorice and exotic Star Anise, these two are Siamese twins and each one has a distinct personality. Members of this aroma family blush brightest during the following seasons: Autumn/Winter/Spring

—–The Wormwood – (primary notes: anise, sweet pea blossom & mint)
Wormwood is deeply green, heady and touch herbal in some regard. Like a tall glass of Absinthe fresh poured over ice, notes of Licorice pool about boldly with a dusting of sweetness made mellow by genteel floral tones hemmed in a peppermint lace. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–Sweet Absinthe – (primary notes: ravensara, sweet sage & anise)
Uniquely herbaceous, and oddly warm, Sweet Absinthe strikes a balance between Madagascar Ravensara and licorice-kissed Anise. The Anise element here is a mellow backing note next to the warmly nuanced chords created by Ravensara, which is somewhat similar to Eucalyptus, but with spicier underpinnings, depth and roundness. {aroma gender: unisex}

Aroma Family: Of Springtime & Voodoo
Personality: Here are the Citrus Types: derived from the bitter orange tree and similar variants, the aromas here are vibrant with delicate, floral undertones. These work great for those that are fond of Ylang Ylang, Blood Oranges and Jasmine. Like the joy of sipping fresh lemonade on a porch in Summertime, this coven is refreshing, uplifting and bright. Members of this aroma family blush brightest during the following seasons: Spring/Summer/Early Autumn

—–Voodoo – (primary notes: neroli, white tea & ginger)
Voodoo is sensual, relaxing and light, with a floral bouquet white-washed in a captivating and delicate sweetness. Intricate notes remind us of warm, lazy evenings on a sun-dappled porch with a light breeze carrying hints of Wisteria and the things that come after the dusk. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–Devotchka – (primary notes: petitgrain & musk)
Pressed directly from the tender green leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree, Devotchka is fresh, woody, bold & uplifting with a mildly citrus-y undertone rounded off with splashes of green musk. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning feminine}

—–The Arcana – (primary notes: bergamot, lavender & myrrh)
The Arcana is a unique blend that’s vibrant, exotic and mildly sweet. Comforting, very subtly floral undertones are flanked by the intense greenness of true Lavender and the resinous base notes that emanate from sultry Myrrh. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–Verbeana – (primary notes: lush lemongrass)
Verbeana is earthy, green, fresh, woody and brightly lit with notes of dapper lemon and leafy wildling woods. Vibrant and citrus-y, Lemongrass has been known to help with the clearing of the mind before meditation. {aroma gender: unisex}

Aroma Family: The Turkish Delights
Personality: Fabulously fresh and mayhaps a dash dastardly in it's occasional fruitiness, the Turkish Delight family of aromas is sweet in all the right ways. Balanced effortlessly with fantastic chords of green and a light dusting of powered sugar, this bunch shows a rare mix of youth tempered in wisdom. Members of this aroma family blush brightest during the following seasons: Spring/Summer/Early Autumn

—–Sugar Plum Fairie – (primary notes: plum, yuzu & chamomile)
Sugar Plum Fairie is a cheerful, beguiling blend of effervescent sweetness. Reminiscent of ripe fruits in summer, there’s a mildly citrus zing that seems to lightly frost the aroma like old-world icing. Euphoric and effortlessly bright, a touch of Chamomile ties it all together with soothing ribbons of green. {aroma gender: feminine}

—–For Strange Little Girls – (primary notes: cucumber & green tea)
For Strange Little Girls is the definition of a clean, lightly green, airy aroma. The notes are refreshingly carefree, bright and vibrant, yet at the same time there’s a deep sense of serenity and calm flirting about the corners. A heart of green tea steeped with fresh cucumbers sets a tone that’s relaxing and deeply grounding. {unisex - leaning feminine}

—–Laudanum (primary notes: apricot, fig & ivy)
Laudanum is a small touch fruity, green as the first spring grasses and lightly sweet in all the right ways. A bouquet of sliced apricots and figs reveal a freshness that’s underpinned by the lush green of forest vines and other wild flora. {aroma gender: feminine}

—–Ergot – (primary notes: kiwi, coriander, sage & vetivert)
Ergot is deeply green, earthy, and magnificently herbaceous. Notes of ripe Kiwi lend a mild, fruity sweetness that is wonderfully balancing against the bold backdrop of heady, herbal components. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–Fooly Cooly – (primary notes: cherry blossom & green grass)
Personality: Fooly Cooly is deliriously sassy, fruity and bold. Then to top it all off she’s shamelessly flirty to boot. Sweet with a green edge, this little cherry bomb of an aroma is light and wickedly fun all year round. {aroma gender: feminine}

—–Swan Bow & Foxglove – (primary notes: currants, peaches & wild woods)
Wonderfully unusual, Swan Bow & Foxglove holds an arboreal, day-dreamy sweetness about it that gives us flashes of imagery in delicate waves: bright snow upon loamy earth, crushed twigs beneath a high-laced boot, currants and evergreens, a peppered peach Lambic served cold next to a roaring fire. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning feminine}

—–The Weirding Way – (primary notes: pear glace & vine)
The Weirding Way is diaphanous, fruity and lightly sweet. Wild vines entwine a core that brings to mind orchards filled with ripe green Anjou Pears. {unisex - leaning feminine}

—–Miette – (primary notes: honeydew & green grass)
Fresh cut honeydew melon imparts an aroma that is light, sweet, comforting and cooling. Outlined in a fringe of tall green grass, this scent is layered and relaxing. {aroma gender: feminine}

—–Hester Prynne’s Lot – (primary notes: wild summer watermelon)
Hester Prynne’s Lot is whimsical, sweet and dazzling fruity. High green notes blend with the undeniably fresh sweetness of wild watermelons to interpret the aroma of long summer days filled to brimming with mischief and mirth. {aroma gender: feminine}

—–Barbarella – (primary notes: coconut pina colada)
Adventurous and exquisitely fearless, Barbarella strikes out bold and saccharine. Uplifting viridian notes nestle close to tropical coconut and Jamaican rum. The whipped cream atop this sexy little crumpet is a tiny dash of pineapple. {aroma gender: feminine}

—–Blue Velvet – (primary notes: wild blueberry & violet)
Blue Velvet is darkly lustrous stuff, its fruity sweetness subdued and transformed by a heavy pressing of sensual violets. Notes of musk and wild green things move in shadows at her edges, creating a labyrinth of complexity that evolves upon the skin with the passing of the hours. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning feminine}

—–Little Red Riding Hood – (primary notes: fire baked pears & cinnamon)
Little Red Riding Hood is delicately sweet, warm and just a little sexy. Fire-baked pears cool at the heart of this aroma and Sri Lankan Cinnamon floats in on a tender breeze to dust said fruit with sultry spice. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning feminine}

Aroma Family: The Orient Express
Personality: Richly layered, the aromas beneath the roof of the Orient Express are woven with a mix of fine spices, rare chocolate, roasted java, golden honey and other prized components from far off lands. Members of this aroma family blush brightest during the following seasons: Autumn/Winter

—–For Lost Boys – (primary notes: chocolate-spiced Colombian coffee)
For Lost Boys reveals a decadent woodsy base folded within intricate layers of deliciously, dark chocolate, rare Middle Eastern spices and slow roasted espresso. Invigorating, warm and bold, the scent hides a surprising complexity that makes itself known once warms upon your skin. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–The Spice Melange – (primary notes: cinnamon, clove & orange)
The Spice Melange is a touch sultry, wildly spicy and unconventionally bold. Culled from components from around the world, The Spice Melange reveals a heady wood base soaked liberally within an intoxicating mix of sugars and rare spices. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–Na Dobranich – (primary notes: spicy pumpkin pie & clove)
Na Dobranich holds tight to a sweet core filled with rich and spicy pumpkin pie. Comforting, and soothing, the unmistakable bouquet created by pure clove and pumpkin warms the heart and relaxes the senses: a bonfire by which to warm the soul on cold nights. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning feminine}

—–The Patronus Charm – (primary notes: honey, almond & caramelo)
The Patronus Charm is sweet and carefree, like old fashioned candy from an apothecary shop. Delicious notes of honey and caramel play warmly across toasted almonds to round out this aroma quite nicely. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–Hemlock & Cream – (primary notes: Colombian coffee & sweet orange blossom)
Hemlock and Cream uncovers the unlikely romance between fire roasted coffee beans, fresh cut blood oranges and the noble orange blossom. Vibrant, smooth and energizing, the scent is unique with deep, warm tones. {aroma gender: unisex}

—–Siamese Dream – (primary notes: allspice, coconut, vanilla & tonka)
Decked in bells of Allspice and Nutmeg, Coconut and Tonka pad in on velvet feet. Purring sweetly, their goose-down coats are perfumed with the woodsy scorch of java laced with chai and vanilla. My Siamese Dream is playful, a sweetly nuanced creature, exotic & bright-eyed, bold sapphires wrapped in clouds of silk. {aroma gender: unisex}

Aroma Family: The Victorian Apothecary
Personality: This candle lit backroom of an old-world apothecary shop is strictly for the adults. Have a sit down on the velvet settee and get comfy. Pull up the hookah and rest a spell and Mr. Wormwood with take care of all your needs. Terribly handsome with eyes like the Devil, he's well known for making the best sasparilla in the Northern Hemisphere. He also specializes in debauchery, caramels, odd magic, spiced rum, renegade medicinals and sweet cakes. No one leaves the parlor disappointed and they always come back for more. Members of this aroma family blush brightest during the following seasons: Autumn/Winter

—–Rasputina – (primary notes: davana, benzoin resin & fresh baked honey cakes)
Rasputina is a quirky little strumpet from a time gone by or perhaps she hails from a dimension parallel. All wrapped in chamber music, striped bloomers and wild magic, the aroma is intensely warm, richly layered, vibrant and grounding. The scent drips an old-world sweetness and charm speckled with spiced rum nightcaps, warm cakes cooling next to bright candles, rolled parchment, forbidden liaisons, tight corsets and handmade lace. {aroma gender: feminine}

—–Vatrushka – (primary notes: chocolate ganache over yellow cake)
Like the best, buttery yellow cake you’ve ever tasted, Vatrushka goes one step further and pours warm chocolate Ganache atop the cake to form a perfect shell of yummieness around yummieness. {aroma gender: feminine}

—–Sirius Black – (primary notes: immortelle flowers, teak & musk)
Sirius Black is deep, charming, unbelievably warm and sweetly dangerous. Precious Immortelle flowers drizzle this aroma in a syrup-heavy caramel, whose musky sweetness is balanced by Indonesian Teak. {aroma gender: unisex - leaning masculine}

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If you require a sample of a lip balm or lip tint product, send a note my way and I'll create a low cost sample product for you.


There are absolutely no refunds on sample packs since I can't use or resell any sampler once it has been opened & utilized by you (even if you don't like the aroma, expensive materials where still used & time was taken). The point of a sample pack is to sample an aroma to see if it will be a good choice for your particular needs. I understand that aroma preference is a fantastically subjective thing, so if you are weary of making big purchases or are new to the world of natural perfumes & colognes, PLEASE start by ordering the SMALLEST sampler pack possible. IE: Twin Vial Sample Pack or 3 Vial Variety Sample Pack. And keep this silver lining in mind: even if you don't like an aroma, consider giving it as a gift instead of just tossing it away.



On the offhand chance that you absolutely must return a vintage wedding dress due to no fault on my part (i.e. the dress doesn't fit you or other serious personal/ medical/ financial catastrophe), you have 10 business days from the date of delivery to ship the dress back to me, unless otherwise arranged in writing (email).

Please email me first so I can supply you with the return address. Wrap the vintage dress securely in a protective plastic bag that can be sealed/taped closed, ship it back to the address I give you via a shipping method that supplies you with tracking number & gives you the option to insure the shipment. USPS offers a free large priority mail packing box that most layered dresses will fit into at a cost of about $15 to ship in the US. Email the tracking number to me as soon as possible so I know to keep an eye on my mailbox.

Cleaning & Restocking fee of $15 will be subtracted from your applicable refund. If the dress is damaged in transit and you failed to insure it for its full value, you will not receive a refund. If the dress arrives to me with any of its delicate lace detailing torn, with shoe prints on the underside or topside of the dress train, covered in a copious amount of animal or human hair, stretched out, bearing arm pit, food or blood stains, missing vintage buttons or with broken zipper, smelling of cigarette smoke or otherwise damaged and/or stained due to your fitting session gone awry, you will not be given a refund & the dress will be shipped back to you once I've taken pictures to document the damage in case of dispute or charge-back claim. If dress is not shipped back to me within 10 days of delivery, CONSIDER THAT DRESS to be YOURS & you can do whatever you'd like with it. IF YOU DECIDE TO RESELL IT on Etsy or Ebay TO RECOUP YOUR LOSSES THAT IS YOUR BUSINESS & I will not begrudge you that right=)

I do not operate a vintage dress rental shop or vintage costume rental shop. The vintage wedding dresses I offer are genuine, elder garments and though many have been refurbished and sometimes lightly reinforced for durability when necessary, they are not meant to be handled roughly or used heavily like modern costume clothing sold via common corporate costume shops or Halloween seasonal costume shops. So this return policy attached to Vintage Wedding Dresses is a bit heavy since it also seeks to deter unscrupulous consumers from buying a treasured vintage dress, wearing it to an event or two & then attempting to return it for a refund after thoroughly using it.

Pixxxie Pie & Posie currently accepts payment via PayPal and you can use Etsy's Direct Checkout feature to pay via credit card. Please note that I have no access to your credit card information with either of these payment options.


On rare occasions the Madame has been known to accept cashier's checks or money orders. The order must be over $50, you must send a weee email BEFORE you order and this option is only available to clients in the USA and Canada. Once your email is sent the "Money Order" or "Check" payment option will be enabled for 3-4 hours (you'll receive an email letting you know the option is available too).


Product has been Discontinued. Etsy now offers a great gift certificate option that allows clients to purchase via the Etsy sites of their choosing.


If you make a large payment (over $400) and you pay via Etsy's Direct Checkout System (instead of Paypal), please note that Etsy can take up to 72 hours to process your payment. During that time period they are also reviewing your order details in an effort to make sure the purchase is valid and not fraudulent. Make sure all your info is correct and matches the info kept on file for you by your credit card provider (shipping address, billing address, zip code, cvv2 security info on the back of the card). If anything is off kilter, the credit card processor will decline your payment and cancel your order. Oddly enough, This is something I have no control over as seller. The Etsy system cancels your order, relists the product so it shows up in my store again and you can purchase at another point after you've double checked the security info associated with your credit card. In the event that your credit card is declined, you may want to consider paying with Paypal. I also have the option of sending you a Paypal Invoice for the product and you can then pay via the invoice.

You will receive a notice through Paypal and you may receive a notice through Etsy when your order status is marked as "Shipped". I commonly defer to the shipping address you list here in Etsy when it's time to ship out your order so please make sure all your info is accurate since you've got to look over it before completing the sale=)!


General pre-made wonders like perfume/colognes, soap, jewelry and other sundries ship out within 7-14 business days of payment completion (excluding Saturday, Sunday & major holidays). If you need an item shipped on a deadline, please leave a note in your Etsy order comments area. If you want to purchase expedited shipping like Overnight, 2nd or 3 Day Select just let me know. You'll make your initial purchase and pay regular shipping (as a shipping deposit) and once the order is boxed and weighed the USPS system will then give me a price for expedited shipping. You will be responsible for paying the balance due and a special listing will be created for you to allow you to easily pay the balance. This balance will need to be paid before your order is dropped at the Post Office.


Special Occasion Clients need to place their orders 3 weeks before the "Big Day" or otherwise supply me with a "Need-Order-In-My-Hot-Little-Hands" date/deadline that's 7-10 days before the "Big Day". Buffer zones are a wonderful thing & prevent minor mishaps from becoming catastrophic-deal-breaking-roller-coasters-of-pain. With a decent time buffer, an order lost or destroyed by the shipping carrier can be replaced & shipped out in time to keep your special event ticking along right on schedule=) This can be particularly important for those planning "Destination Weddings" or similar events where timely arrival of goods is mission critical to you getting on a plane and getting to the wedding on time. If you decide to pay a 2nd shipping provider to express deliver the box to you at the destination you are responsible for the box arriving to destination on time and I can not be held accountable for the fees you may incur for this or if something otherwise goes askew. A replacement order could be created and shipped but you would have to pay for the 2nd order and for it's expedited shipping.


There will now be an "Initial Shipping Deposit" that you'll pay for large orders. The 60-80% Shipping Discount days are now gone for large orders. This means you'll pay about $20 as an initial fee for any order that's going to weigh over 16/17 pounds. Once I get to the post office and the big box is weighed, and the USPS system spits out the exact shipping fee based on weight/box size and destination, I will contact you regarding your "Shipping Balance Due" and you will be responsible for paying whatever remaining amount is due (I'll make a special listing for you on Etsy for the fee to make payment easy). I will email you a copy of the ship receipt for your records and it will come attached to the email that informs you of the "Shipping Balance Due" along with a link to your personal listing. To put this into perspective, a recent order of 30+ soaps being sent to the North West part of the country came out to over 18 pounds and over $65 for shipping USPS Priority Mail. Imagine how much it would have cost to ship it UPS or FEDEX Next Day, 2nd Day or 3 Day Select. Add about $120 extra dollars to that fee.


I can definitely ship an order to whatever address you dictate and will include a card with whatever wording you'd like. Please let your gift recipient know that something special is coming their way so they don't reject the package.


U.S. orders commonly ship via USPS Priority Mail (commonly reaches you 2-3 business days from date dropped at the post office). You will receive your tracking number info through email notice from USPS.com and/or Paypal.com & Etsy.com. If you live in Alaska, Puerto Rico or Hawaii, Virgin Islands the wait may be closer to 5 days.


Pixxxie Pie & Posie is willing to ship to international clients, but because shipping fees to international locations have gone up in 2013 you must first convo me with a list of the products you're interested in, along with your country info, and I will send you a shipping quote within 24/48 business hours.

International orders ship USPS First Class International. Pertinent customs tracking number information is always emailed to you the moment your goodies are dropped in the mail.

International shipping usually gets the package to you in 7-14 business days but on extremely rare occasions it may take up to a little over a month for your order to reach an overseas destination.

Please take inclement weather into consideration along with whether you're experiencing delivery delays with other items ordered at the same time prior to emailing a request to perform a shipping trace or order replacement.


You are responsible for any customs fees, but I do have a tendency to mark "gift" (with a value of $5) on the customs mailing form in an effort to help keep your fee's low. I also describe my perfume or cologne oil products as "Moisturizer" on the customs form since the word "perfume" makes delivery and customs workers nervous even if the "perfume" contains no alcohol & hence poses no threat with regard to flash points and flammability in the event of an accident or fire.


All items shipped are packaged and wrapped with care and attention to detail as if they are to be a gift. Secure packaging also ensures all products arrive to you intact and unbroken. All packing materials can be recycled, up-cycled or reused.

All liquid products like Perfume Oil and Cologne Oil must be packed with utmost care to ensure that they do not leak in transit since the Post Office doesn't actually like shipping such products. Postal workers also have an unfortunate knack for handling packages roughly even when they're marked "handle with care". If you find your left-over packing materials burdensome, you can mail it back to me.


If you feel you've overpaid for shipping, please feel free to let me know and you will be given a partial refund once I've shipped your goods and hence received a receipt for the exact shipping costs. I'm just one person running all this, so I actually appreciate a polite nudge once in a while when it comes to reminders=)
Additional policies and FAQs

Large orders for special occasions are welcome and many Pixxxie Pie products make fantastic party favors/gifts for all manner of fairy wedding or unique get-together. Just send a convo detailing the large quantity you want and a special listing will be created for you. If you require a large number of various products, a quote will be prepared for your approval within 48/72 hours of receiving the details from you (this time frame is particularly applicable when you want multiple quotes with quantity variations which effect the cost of shipping). Once you approve your quote, a special listing is created and you purchase whenever you're ready=)!


You must supply me with a "Need-By-Date" (delivery date deadline) that is at least 7-10 days PRIOR to the "Big Date". I'm only human (to some degree) and this buffer actually gives both you & I some breathing room when it comes to things like unforeseen shipping delays due to forces beyond the control of either of us. Murphy's Law is torture & disappointment raining down on all parties that end up in it's meaty grasp so place your order early to avoid complications. A comfy buffer zone means that a 2nd box of replacement goods can be sent out in the case of unforeseen order destruction/misplacement on the part of the shipper.


Pixxxie Pie & Posie is no longer accepting wholesale inquiries. All Pixxxie Pie & Posie products are sold exclusively through this venue to ensure product quality, brand integrity and pricing consistency.


To Colorado Springs, Colorado Residents: Sorry folks, but I don't sell my wares through any local boutiques and I do not offer local pickup or personal hand delivery (whereby I drive to your home and hand deliver your order to you). This is a mail order business run by only one person: that's me. That means I let the Post Man handle delivery because that's a hell of a lot more time and cost effective than me hopping in my car like I run a cosmetics catering services. USPS Priority Mail usually delivers products to my Colorado Springs clients within 1-2 business days of the order being dropped at the Post.


Consignment arrangements are NOT possible due to the nature of the natural/botanical products offered.


In an effort to simplify business management, The Madame is NO LONGER PARTICIPATING in product TRADE agreements unless she's purchased from you in the past. In the true spirit of barter systems of old, The Madame will periodically engage in direct trading if you live in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area and are interested in trading for much needed items like fresh herbs, spices from the far east, bell peppers, fresh fruit, delectable baked goods, jarred preserves, cod fish or flounder, a box o' steaks, a fresh chicken, fine peach Lambic, well made corsets, silky nightgowns, bloomers, dire wolf pelts or candles.


Regarding donating products...or sending products free to Bloggers for review on their blog: Pixxxie Pie & Posie receives so many inquiries about giving products away that it's absolutely astounding, lol. Unfortunately, such donations are not possible at this time. This stance may change as Pixxxie Pie & Posie grows and evolves over time and the Madame thanks you for your patience and understanding.


Regarding Jewelry: All jewelry is hand crafted with natural high quality materials and will withstand normal wear and tear. All jewelry is also lead and nickle free.


--Always remember to perform a patch test before rolling around in any skin product whether it be a new lotion, bath oil, bubble bath, solid perfume, perfume oil or cologne oil product. Don't forgo the patch test ritual just because you see the word "Natural".

--Skin sensitivity is very rare, but can occur even with the purest of essential oils and plant resins (this is especially applicable to those who have "boy-in-the-bubble" style severe allergies where they're allergic to everything). I, myself, am sensitive to Ginger essential oil despite being a perfumer for quite a few years now. Not to mention, some types of Clary Sage and Orange essential oils give me migraines.

--I use a myriad of exotic essential oils and plant resins, many of which most folks have never even heard of. This means that a natural product may contain an essential oil that you've never been in contact with ever before. So remember: always perform a patch test. You'll find this same advice on the ingredient scroll that your order arrives with and noted on all my product listings for products applied to the skin=)

♥-----------REGARDING ARTISAN SOAPS & SUGAR SCRUBS----------------♥

--Soaps & Sugar Scrub Products last longer if you let them sit and dry on a slotted soap dish between uses.

--Soaps should lather well unless you have "hard water" issues, whereby your water is a bit infested with heavy minerals. Use of a woven "scrubby" or washcloth will aid in building up lather in this situation.

--My soaps are not like the boring harsh soaps you buy at the mega-market. This is soap "Old School Style"! Many soaps have bits of flowers, petals, leaves and other non-crushed organic items that are added to give them exfoliating properties. These will come out in the bath water & they are meant to. In a perfect world you'd soak in hot water and these bits of leaves & such would add wonderful texture & aromatherapy properties to your bath. Note that these same texture additives can end up in your hair. But worry not: Give yourself a rinse and when you towel off you should find yourself free of any remaining exfoliate matter! You should also find your skin magnificently supple, smooth and moisturized as it has never been before!

♥-----------GENERAL FORGET- ME-NOTS----------------------------------------------♥

--All cosmetic products are thoroughly tested on a happy house full of people (and friends) who smell ravishingly good all the time, so all products are guaranteed cruelty free.

--Products are 97% Natural! Pixxxie Pie & Posie's Apothecary Whimsies (essentially all Perfumes, Colognes, Body & Bath products), are natural & handmade w/ organic botanicals & the like. You'll find no synthetic preservatives, phthalates, weird chemicals, unnecessary animal byproducts or filling material in any products sold through this humble mercantile. Why not 100% natural? The Madame does not own her own essential oil fabrication facility so it's pretty hard to use the word 100%...but 97% is doing pretty darn good, lol!

--Note to those who are pregnant or nursing: Use special care when utilizing perfume oils due to the high concentrations of essential oils and/or absolutes. It is commonly recommended that you forgo the use of heady perfume oils completely.

--Regarding Aroma Component Termed "Musk": My "Musk" oil is created with Ambrette & Amyris Essential Oils since I prefer not to utilize musk derived from animals.

--Regarding "Fruity" Aroma Components: Fruity components are created by mixing a variety of essential oil components to mimic the smell of said fruit. Will the component smell exactly like the fruit? No, especially if you are accustomed to or prefer strong, heavily synthetic fruity aromas. What you will find with the few of my blends that contain fruity elements is a close approximation of the fruit element with a very green edging.

--Artisan Perfume Oils keep best when they are housed in cool spots out of direct sunlight. They're kinda like vampires. Most will keep for 2-3 years if kept in such conditions.

--Products made by the Pixxxie Pie & Posie/ Pixxxie Pie Emporium are intended for adult usage and not for usage by persons under the age of 15 (unless under the supervision of an adult).

--Recycled materials are utilized whenever possible & all buyers are encouraged to re-use/re-purpose labels, jars & glass bottles & such once products are utilized.

--Please keep in mind that I try my best to take extremely accurate pictures of my products. But do try to remember to take into account that the accuracy of color depiction can be offset by the color calibrations of your computer's monitor. Try looking at product pictures via 2-3 different computers if color accuracy is a major concern.

--Pixxxie Pie & Posie is the zany sister of another fun little Etsy shop by the name of The Pixxxie Pie Emporium (specializes in clothing for Asian Ball Jointed Dolls).

--Statements regarding effects of certain products have not been evaluated by the FDA.

♥-----------COPYRIGHT FUN-------------------------------------------------------------------------♥

--Products/Photos/Label Design © Pixxxie Pie & Posie (2003-2017)

--The Pixxxie Pie Proprietress takes all product photos, designs all labels and writes all site ad copy.

--Pixxxie Pie & Posie / PixxxiePieandPosie.com / Pixxxie Pie & Posie's Olde World Apothecary/ Pixxxie Pie & Posie Natural Perfumery & Olde World Apothecary & PixxxiePie.com are Trademarked Property. All rights reserved! Despite all this rhetoric, you don't need my permission to blog about my products.

---Note to customers who find themselves perturbed when they see another perfumer offering similar bottles/containers as Pixxxie Pie:

I love you guys, but get over it ...because I got over it the moment I went into perfuming professionally & please refrain from sending me any further emails on this topic. It doesn't mean someone is copying me when they have the same bottles, compacts or jars. When it comes to enforcement of copyright/intellectual property, "Copy" means something very specific relating to exact duplication to the extent that you can not differentiate between the two items in question on multiple levels. To invite a confrontation w/ another perfumer over such things as bottles is fantastically unprofessional & would show that I have no understanding of the very nature of the business I'm in. Such childish action could also make me look like someone simply trying to find an excuse to bully or intimidate my fellow perfumers. I'm not Estee Lauder or some big perfume corp, so I don't have bottles or compacts specially designed & fabricated just for me at my magic factory in the fairy woods. We perfumers on Etsy in the USA only have so many vendors to go to for bottles and such. This means we all commonly buy our bottles, compacts, jars etc. from public-commercial-market web sites. Many people found those same websites before me and will after me so it means absolutely nothing to me if you find another person selling their wares out of similar vessels. It's what's in the vessels that makes the difference & each perfumer on Etsy is offering their own beloved products in the vessels they feel represent their brand the best. I'm also not the only person inspired by the "old world Victorian" look & feel, lol, and I sure as hell didn't invent it though I'd like to think I've re-invented it a bit at my end of the dark forest. I'm not on Etsy to police the bottles/compacts used by fellow perfumers or accost them over any issues that could be chalked up as coincidental stylistic similarities. I'm here to offer you guys a great selection of natural wares made with love and care and hopefully inspire a few people along the way!

♥-----------DETAILED ALCHEMICAL COMPONENT LIST--------------------♥

--Shea Butter Glycerin Soap base is made of:
Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Palmate, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Glycerin, Water, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea butter), Sorbitol, Sorbitan Oleate, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Protein, Titanium Dioxide

--Generic Extra Clear Glycerin Soap Base is made of:
Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Myristate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Triethanolamine, Water

--Body Butters Contain:
Water, Isopropyl Myristate, Beeswax, Stearic Acid, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sunflower Oil, Polysorbate 60, Sodium Borate, Disodium EDTA, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Diazolidinyl Urea, Propylene Glycol.

--Solid Perfumes, Lip Embellishments/Balms & Similar Products contain:
Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil (and) Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol (and) Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil (and) Beeswax (and) Hydrogenated Castor Oil (and) Glycine Soja (Soybean) Lipids (and) Lauryl Laurate (and) Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax (and) Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax (oil), Vitamin E Oil

--Foaming Bath Whip Contains:
Glycerin, Water, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sorbitol, Propylene glycol, Disodium Lauryl sulfosuccinate, Stearic Acid, Sodium Chloride, Diazolidinyl Urea (and) Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Vitamin E, Essential Oils, Plant Resins and Absolutes

--Bubble Bath Contains (And Other Useful Related Info):
International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI):
Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cocamide MEA, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Methylparaben, Methylchoroisothiazolinone,Methylisothiazolinone, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Essential Oils, Plant Resins and Absolutes...
Bubble Bath Common Name Ingredient Listing (FDA Approved):
Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cocamide MEA, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Methylparaben, Methylchoroisothiazolinone,Methylisothiazolinone, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride

♥---------------PRESS & HULLABALOO:---------------------------------------♥

-----7/2012: The July 2012 issue of Austin Monthly Magazine has been released and Pixxxie Pie & Posie is IN IT! If you get a chance, check me out at the top of page 66 in the "Beauty Buzz" column!!

-----4/20/12: Pixxxie Pie & Posie featured on the website www.Thrillist.com!
Check this handy link: http://www.thrillist.com/node/2631465

-----11/2011: Pixxxie Pie & Posie featured in November 2011 issue of Better Homes & Gardens Handmade Hostess Gift Project Guide along with a handful of other great Etsy shops! You can spot the test tube bath salts on page 84 of the November 2011 back issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine! You'll also find a link to the blog article below=)

Link to project: http://www.bhg.com/christmas/crafts/november-hostess-gift-projects/#page=14 (our project is number 14).

Product featured: Doctor Girlfriends Splendiferous Botanical Bath Salts & the product is definitely kept in stock!!