Treasures Are Everywhere

I love hunting for new treasures. Sometimes they turn up in the most unexpected places. Running a vintage shop on Etsy allows me to share my treasures with the world, and keeps my home from becoming overrun with all the pretty vintage items I find - though I might save one or two for myself!

I've always been a bit stuck in the past. I worked for several years at a historical village as a tour guide, a tavern wench and later as a group tour coordinator. As you might expect of someone who is into vintage goods, I live in an old house in an old town.

Selling vintage items on Etsy allows me to help finance my other passion, writing, and, conveniently, makes for a fun diversion when the words are not flowing. Going on a treasure hunt is a great way to clear my head, and sometimes I find some literary inspiration, as well, along the way.
Alissa Grosso
owner, curator
There are so many things that I am that writing about myself is always a challenge. I am both a collector and a creator. I write books for a living. When I'm not busy writing I'm hunting down new treasures for my vintage Etsy shop, Planet Alissa.

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